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  • rdowns
    Apr 8, 08:31 AM
    Uhm, yeah, there's also the Democrats who could've passed a new budget quite a long time ago, but were afraid of dealing with their own party.

    What's pathetic is the complete lack of common sense between the two parties. They used to know how to work together in the past. Now they can't compromise because of ideological BS. It's a Lose-Lose situation, for the people at least.

    It's time to throw the everyone out.

    You'll get no argument from me. I blame all of them. See my earlier post.

    The real absurdity is that, by and large, the pols who got us into this are the ones we are relying on getting us out.

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  • frequeniquity
    Feb 18, 11:00 AM
    The worst thing about the picture is the amount of noise it has and the fringing by the flowers. UGH!

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  • atszyman
    May 24, 01:26 PM
    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :mad: I'll get you!! BTW when are you planning on overtaking me, I have been waiting for three months or so...

    End of June/early July. I've been lying low for the time being. Have to try to figure out who to taunt next. Maybe Rower_CPU? I should pass him sometime in 2009 at my current rate, which is due to fall since I have yet to complete a WU today.

    Remember, set lofty goals so you always have a good excuse for failure.

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  • Bennieboy�
    Apr 21, 09:38 PM
    that's not a bad route to go at this point. but remember, for gpu folding you have to use windows, at least for now.

    any you really only get a tone of points if you overclock or run multiple gpus in windows

    thats what i was thinking about the mac pro, load one up with 4 gfx cards, or a hackintosh running osx, windows on bootcamp using the extra gfx cores and the main F@H on the OSx side with the cpu,


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  • Sydde
    Mar 11, 06:25 PM
    Maybe I should educate myself. What is the scoop? Where I used to live in Minnesota I shopped at Menards. In Houston mostly it's Lowes or HD.

    Nothing really major. If you think Norm Coleman was a good guy, and that EFCA was a bad, bad idea, HD is the place for you to be going. Mostly a matter of personal taste, really.

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  • Maximillian
    Mar 28, 07:31 PM
    I'm glad I got my ticket this morning. Holy crap! Less than 12 hours to sell out? That's just insane.


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  • coolbreeze
    Apr 1, 09:52 AM
    Back to torrents.

    Ho well, twas fun while it lasted. Edited out commercials on every program, automagically.

    I win.

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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Feb 19, 09:23 AM
    Isnt Jobs a vegan? Cancer or not, not eating any animal products whatsoever is going to make you quite thin. If for no other reason than most things have animal products thus there just isnt a lot to eat.

    Most things which can (!) make you fat, are natural products which "we" extract from fruits (starch, sugar, and so on), and which "we" use daily in "our" kitchen. It has nothing to do with "animal products".


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  • Lacero
    Sep 17, 12:18 PM
    Trying to, and successfully making eye contact on the 2nd and 3rd visit would have freaked me out. And I'm a guy! Making eye contact after having purchased something probably would have been the more appropriate action to take. Ah well...

    A gorgeous girl like gets hit on constantly. She's developed a few skills to deal with it.

    The worse I've had was when I asked a girl (similar to your situation) for her number and she said, "What for?" LOL. :o

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  • Eastend
    Nov 12, 08:17 PM
    I hate to say it but I was not moved by these commercials. Nice to see them but sorry...both guys are geekish.

    1) Mac says that he can be used in private and PC is for work only.
    ...welll that looses the work market ...the market that I use a mac in.

    2) Sorry the "Mac" character is not as cool as the US version or some of the actors being used for other computer commercials in Japan. Star power sells in Japan.

    If Apple really wants this to sell, they will have to make some specialized videos that are Japan only. For example iMovie...they have to use an example of the time it takes to edit say....kid's sports festival video.

    Now I am waiting to see these commercials on prime time TV. If they have a good response and apple sales go up...Great. But sorry. My office is all PC and people have no clue what a Mac is. They just think I can do all these awesome things because I bought the software.

    We get faxes daily selling PCs. We have sales people coming by every so often selling computers directly. What is apple doing in Japan? nice commercials that will maybe sell a few more. But in the schools, they are doing crap. If the school uses PCs, the parents buy the same one.

    In Sendai, the school system bought macs...so did the parents.

    They are on TV already in the Kansai area, saw 2 of them last night.
    Agreed on almost all you said. Just doing a commercial on Undokai is not going to sell Mac's to business, Apple Japan needs to think out of the box, that's probably too difficult for them.


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  • sikkinixx
    Mar 28, 07:59 AM
    Got yesterday. Traded in 5 games at EB for $125 credit, DSi for $80 and CoD:BlOps for $40, sooooo yeah! I figured why not. They still had a TON of them left at 5pm. Either not popular or they made too many.

    No games though! Too poor to afford any so I have just been messing with the AR games and faceraiders. Quite cool. I second MRU on the jaggies... needs a 6950 crammed in it somehow ;) And I second JackAxe, why glossy finish? Frankly, the DSi was the perfect DS hardware. Good buttons, dpad, screens, size, finish and the 3DS is a step down. And damn is it ugly! I couldn't handle the blue, it's about 5 different colours.

    I was really curious about the 3D effect and the test nearly made my eyes explode. It was weird and actually hurt. Luckily I don't find actual use like that. The jarring thing is the menu. Since the upper screens (the "title screens") of the Apps is in 3D moving all around while the touch screen obviously isn't. So looking between the two causes my brain to yell at me. My girlfriend immediately turned off the 3D and told me she is never going to use it.... so yeah.

    For free I am happy. I'll be happier once Zelda/Mario/Starfox comes out. And my girlfriend will crap herself when Animal Crossing makes it out.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 14, 01:31 PM
    i-Phone? i-Pad? your opinion is worthy.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a haha haha hah aha haha ha hah a hah aha hah a ha haha hah a ha! You are seriously like the funniest person here!

    Dont pick on him. :mad:


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  • sk58781111
    Oct 7, 10:47 AM
    3.5" was great in 2007 but not anymore. Apple needs to make a 4.2" iPhone ;)

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  • spazzcat
    Aug 20, 07:03 AM
    Only the under 30 crowd is excited about this.

    But hey, it takes a while to develop common sense.

    To the "unhip", this looks like yet another way to bore each other to death.

    I must say though, for criminals...things are looking up.

    I'm almost 35 and have no issues with this new feature. But i have been using Foursquare for awhile....Most of the non-friends on Facebook live halfway around the world, so I am not really worried about them breaking into my house. Most of the others are Master Masons, and I really don't see one of them doing it. And besides that is what insurance is for...


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  • Glideslope
    Apr 21, 07:39 PM
    4S. I like the name, and it makes sense to keep continuity with the previous naming scheme (3GS). I guess we'll see a true iPhone 5 next summer.

    I'm going to agree with you on this.

    3G --> 3Gs --> 4

    4--> 4s --> 5

    Same update path, but the timing altered by the CDMA production.

    4s in Sept iPhone 5 in June 2012 with LTE. :apple:

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  • eluk
    Oct 25, 12:51 PM
    Here's a quick question, does the family pack still only come with 1 disk or does it come with 5 separate ones for each license? (I have several macs in the house and it's cheaper to get the family pack, obviously!)

    I'm pretty sure it is just the one.


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  • relimw
    Sep 27, 11:20 AM
    Apple has periods in which they allow people to apply for AppleSeed accounts. The purpose is to help them test their OS updates and releases in environments they are not able to replicate themselves. To this end I am not sure how your friend can 'get' you a seed account, legitimately. if you go the AppleSeed page you are generally greeted with the message

    "We are not seeking new participants. You must have an invitation in order to log in."

    That being said, anything relating to the seeds you would download are covered by NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and are legally binding. So your answer would be you cannot, legally, talk about those issues in any other forum then the one they provide.
    The Select and Premier account levels allow the principle owner to give out Seed access to any ADC member. That means if you have a free account, and I'm a Premier member, I could give you seed access.

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  • iBlue
    Dec 18, 11:09 AM
    Well I've not yet appeared in the news. Note that when I talk about the rebellious crowd, I'm referring to more than just you and the peopl in this thread. There has been a total overreaction to it in the news and by 'celebrities' over the country. In any case, that's not irony.
    I haven't noticed but I'm not following it all that closely. Just bought my track and hoped for it to work out.

    I meant it was ironic that the most seriously I've taken this is in talking to you after having said to you that you may be taking it too seriously.

    I sincerely hope not. I'd rather have anything other than a poor metal track being played continually on the radio over the festive period.
    Hey, it can't be worse than Spice Girls and many other (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christmas_number_one_singles_%28UK%29) odd choices.

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  • snberk103
    Jun 22, 04:14 PM
    Originally Posted by snberk103
    I'm just wondering *why* Apple is choosing this time to introduce built in SD card readers.

    "This time" being last summer, when they started including them in MacBooks?

    They don't really need a reason besides pretty much every consumer camera using SD media these days.

    Was it really that long ago? Time flies, eh? Anyway.... They could have added it to the Mini back then quietly and without redesigning the whole case, similar to the way that the 5th USB port was added, if it was to satisfy photographers.

    And they didn't need to immediately go to the top end SDXC.... most consumer cameras aren't using those cards yet. Once the low or middle speed SD card reader was added, it would have been easy to upgrade it to the top end SD card reader in a few years when those cards were more widely used. This would have been more in line of Apple's philosophy of increasing specs and features and keeping prices down. i.e. Today's new Mini has plain SD card reader, and in a year they "add" the faster reader to make a "new" new Mini.

    I think there is something more to this... we'll just have to stay tuned, eh?

    Apr 5, 07:51 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/05/wozniak-tablet-is-the-pc-for-normal-people/)

    Macworld (http://www.macworld.com/article/159010/2011/04/wozniak.html) reports on Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's keynote session at Storage Networking World in California. Wozniak was questioned about how tablets would change the computer industry.�The tablet is not necessarily for the people in this room,� Wozniak told the audience of enterprise storage engineers. �It�s for the normal people in the world,� Wozniak said.

    �I think Steve Jobs had that intention from the day we started Apple, but it was just hard to get there, because we had to go through a lot of steps where you connected to things, and (eventually) computers grew up to where they could do ... normal consumer appliance things,� Wozniak said.

    Article Link: Wozniak: Tablet is the PC for 'normal people' (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/05/wozniak-tablet-is-the-pc-for-normal-people/)

    Mar 25, 09:29 AM
    it wasn't until iOS and the apps store where you could do things like select a few recipes and make a shopping list did a PDA become useful

    Recipe and shopping list Palm / Windows Mobile apps like Pocket Cook date from 2000. That one in particular won awards for years.

    What you mean is, it wasn't until iOS that the mass public else took notice. Millions of us were surfing the web and using apps on PDAs, smartphones and tablets long before that.

    Mar 24, 07:21 PM
    This is a real surprising trend for Apple products, I cannot recall such deep discounts on the "old" model of anything in the past. I have an iPad1 and was planning to sell it and get an iPad2. But the "value" of both just when south by 40% to 50%.

    What I mean is - I can't be the only one thinking if I wait until the iPad3 comes along I'll be able to grab an iPad2 for 40% off.

    I have to wonder what Apple is planning to prevent this from happening next year?

    this happens for most of their products actually. go check out microcenter for the previous gen macbook pro. only $899.

    when the 1st gen iphone came out we got those for $299 no contract etc.

    Apr 5, 11:34 AM
    I'm sorry you didn't understand me. I really am and didn't mean to insult you.

    But I didn't put a smiley because it wasn't really all that sarcastic. It was a pretty straighforward comment about how Macrumors posters are temperamental and sometimes hypocritical.

    Including yourself?

    Mar 11, 09:00 AM
    We are 12th and 13th at Willow Bend. We are currently at the end of the line. There is a roped off area and they are saying LIMIT TWO PER PERSON.


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