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  • Aduntu
    Apr 24, 01:32 AM
    Either way, linking some overused passage lends absolutely nothing to this discussion or any like it. So what's the point of reviving the thread with it? All it does is show that this person can't speak for himself (or herself).

    I do not disagree.

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  • inkswamp
    Apr 1, 08:29 PM
    I don't think that barmann was making a case against a new technology that didn't fit the old ways like when mice were first introduced.

    Sounded like it to me. May not have been the gist, but unwittingly, he was making that argument.

    His point was that as much as iPad fanboys want it to be the coolist thing ever that will replace all those old-fashioned computers there are differences in machines between consumer ones and those used by professionals.

    This is the exact argument made against the mouse and GUI. Exact. Mouse and GUI-based machines were scoffed at by geeks back in the 80s as "toys." That's the same rhetoric I'm hearing now about the iPad and touch-based devices. "It won't do for real work done by professionals." "It's fun but I can't get things done on it." That may be true for some lines of work at this stage, but it's going to change fast so declaring it useless or a plaything at this stage is shortsighted.

    And BTW, nobody is saying the iPad will replace computers. Just like the mouse and GUI, this approach is going to continue evolving until ways are found for it to enhance computers and become an essential part of it. But it's insane for people to write off touch-based tablets as fanboy cheerleading

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  • Chrisdanger
    Mar 23, 09:46 AM
    It looks like the field of potential "heirs" to Steve-O's throne is reduced. I will say the Steve Austin robot eye didnt win him any favors. Sad to see him go, bring on the next contestant

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  • TantalizedMind
    Apr 4, 09:56 AM
    I hate AT&T with a passion. Yet, I'd never switch to Verizon because I'm hooked on 3Mbps + speeds. They're the crack of carriers.

    AT&T is the worst company I have ever had. We dropped them 6+ years ago for a reason. They always tried to get away with charging a little extra on the bill.. Your a bajillion dollar company and you have to scam people out of extra money? Rot in HELL!


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  • JPark
    Apr 13, 10:03 AM
    One even more important change, which I KNOW they won't do, is use a universal radio chip that can support GOS and CDMA networks - no more having to buy a new phone every time you switch carriers - oops, that cuts agains Apple's AND the carriers interest - not much traction there.

    It could potentially reduce Apple's manufacturing costs, so there may be some traction there.

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  • Mechcozmo
    Feb 12, 11:06 PM
    We all knew it was matter of time before edesign was promoted. After the dozen paged thread about him who could refuse? :D

    Well I can only dream of achieving the moderator status. Maybe in 2 years Arn will give me a shot.Its always good to start kissing up now.

    In that case... :rolleyes:

    Congrats to all! And if you want someone to kiss your feet....

    ...look somewhere else.
    But if my stuff starts to disapear, then I'll have to reconsider. :)

    I've seen some other forums, but this forum definatly is the best in terms of mod friendly-ness, etc. And their quite efficient here, too. Plus our mods have cooler sounding usernames...


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  • MacMan86
    Apr 27, 05:21 PM
    I think that is more proof of the fact that it was never a bug. Apple was doing it that way on purpose and the only reason they are claiming it was a "bug" is because they got caught big time.

    The lie is the fact that it is a bug. It was done on propose and right now Apple is just doing CYA.

    Given that the database is a local cache of some information that already exists on Apple's servers, what do Apple have to gain by designing it this way on purpose? Nothing.

    The data in the file is not generated by the phone, it is retrieved from Apple and stored.

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  • jprokos
    May 6, 12:55 AM
    Would someone please report which brand optical drive the 2011 iMacs are using.


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  • macmaniacttt
    May 7, 10:45 PM
    Check out my new mac site:

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  • gr8whtd0pe
    Feb 15, 08:09 PM
    anyone know where i can get this wallpaper?

    well the one on the right is a default one... :rolleyes:


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  • wPod
    Nov 5, 11:59 PM
    OK, i finally got my friday afternoon at the apple store. a little disappointed they werent in stock when i showed up at the store opening at 10 in the morning, but oh well. here are a couple pics i have with my new iPod shuffle 2nd gen this weekend. ( ( (

    its so small, i dont exactly know what to do with it!!!!

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  • jeremy.king
    Dec 16, 04:55 PM
    This link works...for everyone.


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  • Sydde
    May 6, 12:29 AM
    The embargo was in response to japanese military invasions in asia and its alliance with nazi germany.

    In other words, it qualified as an act of aggression of sorts. Roosevelt knew exactly what he was doing, and the America Firsters were opposed to it, but he got it through.

    Americans are stunningly uninformed on 1949-41, it is a period that is a huge blank in history books. Much easier to tell the story of Pearl Harbor and ignore the back-story. Ignore the fact that if America had had a little testicular fortitude in those earlier years, millions of people probably would not have died. But at least we got Casablanca, Saving Private Ryan and Pink Floyd's the Wall.

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  • skunk
    Apr 5, 05:21 PM
    How we appear should never be a criterion for how we are treated under law. Justice is supposed to be blind.


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  • eric_n_dfw
    Apr 7, 06:54 PM
    My kids (ages 9 and 4) and I have been playing with some of the arcade games and the general consensus so far:

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  • jbanger
    Sep 1, 09:05 AM
    ^ nice



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  • ugp
    Apr 4, 10:32 AM
    I am really tempted to cancel my cell phone all together anymore.

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  • burtba
    Apr 28, 07:40 PM
    Samsung to sue Apple over the iPhone.....ha ha ha....Yeah because the Galaxy phones are so original?? WTF You dont have to be a brain surgeon to see the blatant copy Samsung has done of the iPhone.
    Apple = Innovation
    Samsung = Copyware

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  • FoxyKaye
    Nov 4, 05:50 PM
    Just to throw my hat into the ring:
    Wiretap (

    I have found this very useful in different circs. It runs 'on the top' of any application and takes up little processor
    * take a funny quote from a DVD and use it as a system-beep
    * record internet radio to listen to later

    I'll second this emotion - I do some side DJ work, and this app is great for ripping samples and remixing when I'm dropping stuff to CDs. Grab the sound in WireTap, convert it to anything from AIFF to MP3 in Sound Studio, and mix it with either Sound Studio or Peak. I've sampled everything from Ghostbusters (Annie Potts, "Ghostbusters, what do you want!?") to Ronald Reagan (all his quotes about aliens to mix with Blondie's "Rapture") with this app -- it's a lot of fun to use and completely free. I wouldn't use it for heavy duty audio, but for sampling and quick rips it's great.

    Apple 26.2
    Apr 16, 10:20 PM
    Thanks so much for making another thread buddy.

    Gotta up the post count some how!

    Mar 13, 11:06 PM
    Hi guys,

    I need sone good ideas of what to put on the monitor outside of my room, its mounted and is connected to a mac mini with a camera.

    also if you guys knew some software please direct me to the download of where i could get it.

    Oct 12, 05:58 PM

    I think that answers the photoshop myth... BUSTED!!

    Apr 12, 01:29 PM
    Bought a AEBS last month. I upgraded from a Linksys G router. My house is around 4-5 thousand sq. ft. Before with my linksys router it reached the master bedroom fine. (Router is located in the opposite corner of the house on the 1st floor). Now i barely get 1 bar or sometimes nothing. Anything i can do besides buying an airport express? I thought these N routers had more range; etc.

    Dec 28, 12:52 PM
    What's funny is that there is tons of money to be made in enterprise hardware, software, and support. The problem is that it requires two things - long term support and road maps. It is completely against Apple's culture to provide either of those, thus they will always be horrible in the enterprise.


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