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  • arn
    Apr 7, 12:59 PM
    The thing is, all these games are available for free online for your mac. I suppose if you want to play them on your ipad or phone that's one thing. If that doesn't matter, you can get your nostalgia for free. Same goes for NES, Coleco, Super NES, and Genesis emulators.

    They may be available for free, but that doesn't really mean they are available legally. :)


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  • Apple OC
    May 4, 08:54 PM
    works for the Mafia

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 20, 10:52 PM
    In 5 years time, Kindle OS will have a greater market share than android I think.

    Really stop lying to yourself. Android is a powerful mobile OS that can be adapted to many situations. Its not going anywhere for a while. Kindle will not outsell it as kindles direct competition the Nook (an android device). Android will save people money in the future. Why right your own set of code for a cash register when you just build it on top of android.

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  • netcs54
    Mar 23, 11:53 AM
    Saft Demo

    Anyone know how to remove Saft 7.5.5 Demo from Safari?


    If you haven't found the answer to your question here is what I did.

    I found the answer on:

    It recomends
    Run Saft Installer and choose uninstall, or Move Saft in /Library/InputManagers to Trash.

    I ran the Saft installer but did not get the choice to uninstall so I moved
    /Library/InputManagers to Trash and that did the trick.


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  • MacFan26
    Jul 5, 03:23 AM
    cool, it's great to see the Mac Java support just keeps growing. I can't wait for the new XCode :)

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  • BCains
    Feb 13, 06:05 AM
    PTLE 8.0.4 and up for Snow Leopard (free upgrade from 8 obviously)

    Buy the PTLE 9 crossgrade for $249USD all you need is the 002 serial number & yes the 002 does support PT9/Snow Leopard.


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  • res1233
    Apr 25, 02:44 AM
    I know the reason, or the supposed reason (who knows, Apple has been as tight lipped as ever on the issue) . If true, its a disgrace it made it to the keynote presentation, without the issue being identified or a reasonable fix found. I don't care how you square it - being 10 months late for a device who has an average life of 12 months is utter incompetence and hence disgraceful.

    Hats off for Apple sticking to it, but that does not take away from the fact that they should never have made the promise w/o a better understanding of production issues. The iPhone 4 design has been around since at least January per spy shots of the iPad before release. So, its not as if the design was so new that they could claim there was no time to identify the issue until after the June 2010 keynote by Steve Jobs.

    This was the first iPhone, and quite possibly the first phone in general, whose enclosure is made almost entirely of glass, besides the buttons and metal band. This is an issue that likely never came up in the past because the white paint on glass thing never really mattered before. I find it entirely plausible that they thought it wouldn't bleed as badly as it seems to.

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  • modnar
    Feb 10, 03:50 PM
    It looks like AT&T automatically applied the Unlimited Mobile to Any Mobile feature on my account. I've always had the 450 minute plan, unlimited texting, and unlimited data ($89.99 not including my corp. discount). I logged in and the Features page displayed Unlimited texting with no mention of Unlimited Mobile to Any Mobile. Then I went to the calling plan page and it appears to have already been added.
    Nothing in that screenshot indicates that the Any Mobile plan has been added. You should see it as an option on the Features page. You'll have to have an unlimited texting plan, though.


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  • dseven
    Apr 26, 07:52 AM
    Anyone clued up on Multi Room Audio using Mac Equipment?
    Need help.....

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  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Sep 6, 07:26 PM
    Man that pic is awesome.


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  • PeterQVenkman
    Apr 27, 01:13 PM
    FACT: Apple doesn't access the database cache

    Is that a fact because Apple said so? Or because someone can actually prove it?

    Their software patents would at least suggest they planned on using it.

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  • Samaritan
    Jan 9, 06:20 PM
    On reflection, a little.. I wonder if Mr Jobs is being incredibly clever..

    Like, I'd put money on Mr Gates et al at Microsoft sitting there going

    "What the... iPhone? ok, fair enough. But he didn't mention 10.5.. we trumpeted Vista and he said nothing in response?? And no new hardware? No new apps? Ok, now I'm worried..."

    We will never know the strategy behind it, but I suspect in corporate circles there are some worried looks, and probably some massive over analysis sessions happening right about now...


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  • smiley100
    Mar 15, 09:32 PM
    I've just aquired two of those 3rd gen ipod touch prototypes with a camera built into and are working with developement software Switchboard Are these collectable items?

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 7, 09:12 AM
    Only issue I want fixed is wifi. Disconnects a lot.

    Do you have multiple iOS devices in the house? Or ones that come and go - like a friend visits and connects to your WiFi?

    If so, there is an issue with some routers assigning the same IP to different devices and that will kick you off from time to time.

    Resetting the router with both devices in the house will solve it. Happened to me when my Daughter visited and I connected her to my router. I kept loosing the WiFi. Then all was good after a router reboot. :)


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  • aus_dave
    Aug 17, 07:35 PM
    Right on the edge - 37,038 bytes :D.

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  • RebootD
    Mar 31, 02:30 PM
    So buy a capacitive stylus already and quit whining about "finger painting".

    Stylus-focused tablets failed in no small part because of the easily-lost one-more-thing-to-fiddle-with can't-function-without-it stylus requirement. So, Apple built a tablet that didn't need it. Insofar as a few people do need a stylus for limited applications, third parties make them. Buy one if you need it; nobody is stopping you but you.

    Yeah except Photoshop is for people like me so it is relevant. Also work on your anger management classes.


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  • Chip NoVaMac
    Feb 13, 04:37 AM
    Don't worry, he's promised to be a good boy. And he knows that he has to keep it clean.


    Actually I have seen a kinder and gentler edesign since the mini-mod topic was brought up.

    Congrats and best wishes to all!

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  • cmoore49
    Apr 7, 10:26 PM
    Go to settings,general,scroll down to international. Might be hard to decipher as it is a foreign language. International is the 4th one up from the bottom.
    Click on international. The first line is language. Click on language. The first line is English

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  • Hin3sy
    Apr 11, 04:05 PM
    Ok, I bought my new Macbook Pro, now I have to do the hardest part: waiting.

    Well, I had a question, I got RAM from newegg, but I was wondering if I should run the computer's initial set-up first, or if I should just open up the computer as soon as I get it and switch out the RAM? Is it better to do one than the other?

    Doctor Q
    Aug 19, 12:21 AM
    In case you didn't know this, it's not within the 75x75 pixel limit for the contest.

    Sep 28, 01:19 AM
    The picture doesn't seem to be working. Are you sure it's the right format/size?

    Feb 21, 04:08 AM
    Unless you are in the UK in which case its a large fee.

    DJ OJ
    Oct 16, 08:36 PM
    No. 17. ANd it is not even apple.:(

    Jun 18, 10:32 PM
    Anybody going to Apple or AT&T in the 29th street mall in Boulder? I am thinking about going to Starbucks or McDonalds next door to play with my new phone in the AM. I'll be at AT&T at 6:30.

    Also, would anybody be willing to let me use their Mac/PC to activate my 3G if AT&T does not do it in-store for me?

    Well see you out there!!


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