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  • perm2gc
    08-24 05:21 PM
    A potential employer has offered me to substitute 2001 EB3 labor. Would DOL accept unapproved labor substitution ? what is the probability of rejection (assuming there is very good match).

    What kind of queries can we expect from the DOL ? what questions should I ask the potential employer ?

    Incidentally, How many applications are there in the backlog processing center by priority year ? Check USCIS about the labour substitution and if they find that you are no fit then they may deport you... 500,000 people are in line and your post says you might be new one who wants to get in the middle of the line..CareFul Watch Out

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  • keepwalking
    05-14 08:06 AM
    I am sorry for the confusion. My wife is already in US in H-4 status. My question is once I add her to my green card process (on June 1st 2011), how long will it take for her to get her green card.

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  • nozerd
    04-09 12:11 PM
    Yes I have been in US since 1991. Here is my story.

    1991 1996 - Did Bachelors in US.

    1996 -1998 - Masters

    1999 - 2009 - On H1. Have been with same firm for over 10 yrs though I have had several promotions. Always kept H1 though spouse started working on EAD in Jan 2009.

    Its been some wait. There have been time I felt so frustrated with this process I literally cried or felt like punching someone.

    I wont really believe till I have card in my hand. Difficult to trust USCIS.

    If I remember right from your older post you are the one who was waiting for some 15-18 years right ? You deserve it. Congrats my friend and enjoy your life ahead.

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  • copsmart
    12-28 06:34 PM
    I think, you should check with an Immigration Attorney before you risk your wife�s multiple entry Visitor Visa.

    My take:

    AFAIK, staying beyond the I-94 expiration date will abandon her Visitor Visa, and she could be denied entry next time.

    In your wife�s case, you have applied for a change-of-status, however a decision has not yet been made, so she should leave the country before the I-94 expiration date and come back later after the F1 is approved. But, leaving the country while the change-of-status application is pending might cancel the change-of-status application, and not the underlying F1 application. So, your wife may have to get a F1 visa stamping abroad to come back later.

    The above said information is purely based on my knowledge and may vary from an Attorney�s view.

    Good Luck!


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  • chi_shark
    07-07 05:58 PM
    Thanks for reply, if you don't mind, do you have the USCISs' announcement link about this pre-adjudication ? Does it say those who pre-adjudicated will not get any future RFE/Denials ?

    that, my friend, is a million dollar question!

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  • uma001
    10-16 09:35 AM

    I'm in a position where I have to file for I-140 again. In short, my company was purchased and I had to refile I-140 under the new company's name. Since the new company does not pay for Premium processing, I'll have to shell out the Premium processing fee from my pocket.

    I need your honest opinion as to whether I must file with premium or regular? My PD: is June 2007.

    I appreciate all your comments!

    What is the cost for premium processing


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  • CheckRaise
    10-12 11:28 AM
    If I were you I wont try and get confrontational with the employer HR or attorneys as
    you will need their help in the future. They cant "sell" your approved labor(as in the past), it belongs to you and you only. Your priority date would be the day you filed your labor so that doesnt change. Just keep politely pestering them with case info give then reasonable (or more than reasonable time) before you give up. Sorry I cant be much of help here and no unfortunately cant post any screenshot only the HR and attorney has access to the system. Good luck!

    Thanks for the good words. My patience is wearing thin as this has been going on for since the start of the year and I have seen PERM applications filed later than mine getting approved. My concern has to do more with the employer keeping me in the dark about the outcome and at the time H1 expires just lets me GO citing rejection or audit!! You can call me paranoid as the filing hasnt materialized and me in the 7th year just adds to the distress.

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  • sbabunle
    12-28 03:53 PM
    First lets see if it will be stuck on May 2001...We have a long way to reach Jan 03 buddy.


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  • Picasa
    01-22 02:40 PM
    Thakur saa'b & Oil Twist thanks for the suggestions.
    Rajiv did you have a loan with ICICI bank and would you please explain how big part of the payment you made that drastically reduced your payment to Rs 1200.
    Please check your messages I have sent you PM as well.
    This is an option. I did one more trick. Made big part payment and asked them to reduce my EMI. Now I have EMI of Rs. 1200 for next 13 months. No penalty.

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  • abhijitp
    01-27 03:47 AM
    FYI, I have been in the queue for 6.5 years now. I did write the letter.

    Cool... thank you for your efforts. I didn't want to offend you... just in case you got that impression. The point is, as long as the AOS is pending approval, there is the risk that we can be thrown to the back of the queue because of a rejection of the AOS application for a reason beyond our control.

    If that happens... and if we need to re-start then we are looking at about 12 years for our next chance, as it will take at least so long for a PD from 2008 or later to become current... unless:
    1) a miracle like June 2007 happens
    2) the EB GC process is revamped, which is what IV is trying to make happen!


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  • uma001
    03-26 02:13 PM
    WHy there are no replies in this thread

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  • iviviv
    11-01 09:17 PM
    Are passport photographs needed?


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  • glus
    08-10 09:49 AM
    I filed for I-485 in July 2007. At that time I had an out-of-status issue. I had discussed the option of going out of the country and re-enter(to have a clean slate) before filing with my lawyer, she suggested going to Canada was more riskier.

    There was a delay in switching from L1 to H1B after H1B and a change of status was approved in Oct 2005. I switched to my H1B employer only on April 1st 2006. So probably was out of status for 182 days.

    Is it a given that USCIS will find this issue?

    I was reading about the 245(k) memo, that USCIS can forgive up to 180 days of 'out of status' since the last lawful entry.
    I haven't gone out of the country since Jan 2005. So still had 182 days of 'out of status' when the 485 was filed.

    I'm planning a trip outside of the country by end of October. My question is that, will my re-entry (using H1-B) and subsequent stay in correct status be good enough for 245(k) ?
    Will my previous 182 days of 'out of status' will be erased and overlooked for 485 purposes?.

    Or did I have to have a clean status at the time when 485 was filed? Re-entry and maintaining status after filing 485 does not count ??

    Greatly Appreciate any reply.


    245(k) can be used to adjust status if a person failed to maintain non-immigrant status for fewer than 181 DAYS since the LAST entry until 485 was FILED Re-entering and maintaining status after 485 was filed can not help currently pending 485. If a person was out of status for more than 180 days, the underlying 485 can't be approved, IF USCIS NOTICES this. ...The odds are USCIS will not notice this. Another way of going about this problem, would be to re-file 485 after re-entering U.S. on a dual intent visa and maintaining the status when your PD is current again. Such 485 would be then approvable. Hope this makes any sense.

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  • northstar
    01-21 04:06 PM
    Your Emp A may say anything, but if he revokes your I-140 before you file AC-21, then you will be in trouble. It is always safe to file CA-21

    I-140 cannot be revoked now, he is already past 180 days limit


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  • ironikart
    04-29 01:27 AM

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  • svrao2001
    12-06 11:53 AM
    My new employer has asked me to provide copies of 1. Labor approval, 2. I-485 notice, 3. EAD to issue employement verification letter.


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  • rajuseattle
    08-12 08:35 PM

    If you do the paper file for which you submit all the initial evidence and supporting docs, you dont need to do finger printing.

    but if you do e-file then you will have to go for finger printing.

    Anytime you do your finger printing it is valid for about 15 months.

    For me too I gave my finger prints in Nov 2007, but still USCIS sent me FP notification for code2 Finger printing.

    by the way USCIS's RFE for me turn out to be that they dont have my code-2 finger prints in their system, so they need to know the details about my FP appointment and what's the schedule.

    USCIS processing is really goofed up for e-filed applicants.

    This is my personal expereince and their are lot of other folks who filed around the same time frame are facing the RFEs for fingerprints.

    anyways i am going to respond to my RFE once i complete my biometrics on august 22nd 2008, by that time i will have the acknowledgement from the Seattle, ASC that they indeed complete my code-2 FP for the EAD purpose.

    If you do paper based EAD renewal, you will receive EAD cards but it says fingerprints not available. As long as your employer is accepting the EAD cards it doesnt matter wether its with fingerprints or without fingerrints.

    I hope this helps.

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  • bhavscreen
    10-22 05:19 PM
    All we can do id hope...

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  • amitjoey
    01-04 04:05 PM
    So we are over 8000 strong. Lets target 10,000 by Jan 15?

    Yes sbabunle, thanks for your support. That is a good goal. Please support the "Add a member" thread by posting on that thread and keeping it to the top. Please post your inputs, your posts will motivate other members to keep adding new members and inviting new friends to become a member of IV.

    06-23 03:12 AM

    I wanted to know how critical are the tax returns for GC processing. I am asking this because i have filed the tax returns for 2006 as married even though i got married in January'07.

    Now my marriage certificate reflects jan'07 and the tax return for 2006 was filed as joint.

    Will this be of issue in the processing? Is there a way out from this, like readjust the tax returns?

    Any help in this regard with be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    04-17 11:54 AM
    one more


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