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  • KnightWRX
    May 1, 09:18 AM
    Phht...what a cop out dude. Now you're gonna booey unix based on specific software, designed for unix, among specific personal networks of colleagues. You can tell your "real story" to IDC and hope they change their market research methods! :rolleyes:

    IDC talks about revenues and number of boxes. I'm talking about actual environnements. ;)

    One day, when you work in IT, you'll understand what the real workhorse of the industry is.

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  • Blacklabel34
    May 2, 02:58 PM
    Just goes to prove that Consumer Reports will tell you a lie and then show you a picture of it.

    It's probably a QC issue. Some are thicker while others are not.

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  • rgs3
    Apr 23, 11:35 PM
    Backlit keyboard would take it to another level. Theres just something very awesome about the backlit keyboards. I dont need to look at the keys to type, I just like the esthetics of it all. I would also like to see current gen processors in a current gen model. The last thing that I could ask for would be edge to edge display with zero bezel around the display and trim up around the keyboard. Thats all extra bulk as far as Im concerned.

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  • talmy
    Apr 24, 11:34 AM
    I'm a heavy Chronosync user but I carry my MacBook back and forth and synchronize them on the same LAN (at home in my case). Synchronizing them at different locations requires getting through routers and firewalls and needs something like VPN or Yazsoft's Sharetool. Synchronization is an action you must remember to perform before switching from one system to the other.

    If Dropbox works for you then it is a much slicker approach. You can use shortcuts (also known as aliases or soft links) to make it appear that various folders in your Dropbox are located at various spots on your drive. Downside to Dropbox is it can cost money if you can't keep below the free limit, and apparently there are security issues with the service since they store your files on their site.


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  • thatisme
    Mar 29, 09:41 AM

    end of story.

    Which is what I said all along....

    Thatisme, maybe Canon can help clear up your confusion.

    did you read it? it is exactly what I have been saying all along.

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  • lowonthe456
    Aug 19, 11:27 AM
    I like the pull down to refresh...thats cool...Places doesnt work in my region either (Arizona USA)


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  • Snowcat001
    Feb 18, 11:20 AM
    I wonder wether there was a certain order at the table. Jobs and Zuckerberg flanking the president seems to be more than an accident.

    Good to see Steve in a picture like this, hope he gets better soon!

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  • MoreBS
    Mar 18, 12:52 PM
    I do still suck.

    My problem is leaving my camera on Auto. I just don't know which setting to use. The more I read and the more opinions I see, the more confused I get. Plus when I see a good subject I don't want to mess it up with my ill informed selections...

    I did just buy the Bryan Peterson Understanding Exposure book, so hopefully that will help set me off in the right direction!


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  • rang
    Feb 3, 06:37 PM
    Whoever advised them to not put the maps onboard and download as needed, needs to be fired- poor decision.

    That brain dead decision has elevated their products usefulness to that of Google Maps. Maybe just slightly better. But from a user experience driving in the middle of nowhere and then coming into an area where you need street date etc. ...that design just SUCKS big time. When you need it most ...major , MAJOR FAIL.


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  • Apple Corps
    Feb 26, 04:14 PM
    You are vested after 5 years - that is correct - but what is the PBO (projected benefit obligation) for 5 years service in industry vs what the PBO is for 6 years "service" (ha ha ha) at the public trough :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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  • bearbo
    Oct 10, 09:24 AM
    If you ask me, it's pretty clear Apple will update all of its laptops before the holiday season. I personally can't wait to buy a new MB, because my 600 MHz G3 iMac is getting a bit sluggish. My question is this: Will it be a simple CPU upgrade, or will Apple change pricing and/or other hardware (such as HD capacity, RAM, etc.)? Oh, and how long do I have to wait?
    we know as much about apple's next release, as about apple's 5 yrs later release

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  • vincenz
    Apr 12, 04:58 PM

    And the xoom? Not so much.

    What's the Xoom?


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  • sajjadbuet
    Mar 19, 11:25 PM
    But this discount is not directly to students. It is for institutional purchase I think. Did anyone get this discount through their school?

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  • Stella
    Mar 25, 10:29 AM
    everyone experimented with limited devices going back to the 1980's but it took other tech like flash memory and wifi to make them a reality. i played with Palm and PocketPC 10 years ago and while they were cool most tasks were useless because you spent as much time putting in data as the time saved. it wasn't until iOS and the apps store where you could do things like select a few recipes and make a shopping list did a PDA become useful


    I was downloading data to my Phone using my cell phone as a modem in cira 1999... I didn't have to "spent as much time putting in data as the time saved". Like other PDAs, I could sync data from my PC<->device.


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  • OdduWon
    Dec 12, 09:06 PM
    I thought Microsoft already announced this? ohhh no wait my bad, what I meant was a PC to Mac conversion system, I think its codename is Windows.:D

    yeah, windows vista X :D

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  • AP_piano295
    May 2, 02:03 PM
    So what is the root cause of terrorism? Enlighten us.

    Off the top of my head:

    -Lack of Education
    -Resentment (Much of It Deserved) towards Western Nations
    -Religious Fanaticism (which generally correlates with a lack of education)

    If you've ever seen Charlie Wilson's war you might recall one part at the end of the movie. Wilson was able to convince congress/senate etc. to allocate hundreds of millions of dollars to support the Afghan's fight against the Russians. But at the end of all this Wilson attempted acquire a mere million dollars to build schools and promote education in Afghanistan, he wasn't able to get this funding.

    I believe Wilson's famous quote went something like:

    "We did a great thing, but we fcked up the end game"

    We live in a world where unfortunately violence is sometimes necessary. But violence doesn't "solve" problems, it can sometimes forestall a greater disaster. Unless you fortify violence with something positive (like education) you're simply opening the door to more (and often greater) violence in the future.


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  • zMudvayne
    Apr 30, 01:39 PM
    Guess we could always cancel the order and preorder in store to get the code immediately. If I haven't gotten a code by tonight, then that is what i'll do. Can't do much till after my finals though, so... push it outta my mind.

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  • Matty-p
    Apr 23, 03:55 PM
    just started folding again - made my self a new account and changed teams to mac rumors - at the moment im only at about 1/3 folding power about (1100 ppd) Sunday or Monday will be adding my new main mac to the team :)

    nba teams. Tags: all nba logo, nba teams
  • Tags: all nba logo, nba teams

  • dicklacara
    Sep 1, 06:45 AM
    Apple did the same thing with the DTK hardware... they released a "Software Update" version, with a letter revision to the same build #'s, and it was to enforce security and/or entrap those running the 10.4 Intel build on non-Apple P4 hardware. Get it? Apple Software Update connects to Apple servers, so they know exactly to whom/what/where their "update" is being sent and installed.... then they cross-reference those IP's against logs of ADC member logins (and this is only necessary when assuming the user submitted false info during the Leopard registration, instead of their real name/address). IP match? Boom! Gotcha.

    Maybe they just want to see how many of those IP's belong to Microsoft's net. :rolleyes:

    ...unless you have a dynamic IP

    Feb 27, 07:04 AM
    I wonder what this means for being able to install virtual servers on Parallels and the like?

    For one thing it will be cheaper. Family Pack vs having to pay $500 per copy. I hope Apple doesn't cripple it.

    Dec 21, 06:04 PM
    Rage Against The Machine couldn't fill Wembley now. I think Joe will.

    What a shame... I regarded Mr Walsh as the one with the most intelligence.

    Not anymore methinks.

    Apr 24, 10:44 PM
    If someone is going to specifically test disk read/write speeds then one needs to also look into and see if the SSD is the Toshiba or Samsung model. I for one have the Samsung model and scored higher on the disk test then his model.

    +1 for at least testing a MBA with 4 gigs of ram.

    I agree. I have 13 with 4gb ram. I have the slower TS128 and my Geekbench score goes from from 152 to 160. The 11" unit in test was in the 120's. I would think the 13" Ultimate would be above 160.:cool:

    Apr 17, 11:58 PM
    Ultimately where does all this research go? Who is benefitting from it all? I can't help but think that all this research will just enable some multi-billion dollar drug company to come up with some pill that they can patent and make billions of more dollars. I tried reading the faqs of Folding@home, but it does not really say where all this research is going. I am sure the scientists mean well with their research, but ultimately they will not be the ones creating the drugs to cure these diseases. Drug companies will be doing that, and they are strictly profit oriented.

    per the FAQ on the F@H page...

    Who "owns" the results? What will happen to them?

    "Unlike other distributed computing projects, Folding@home is run by an academic institution (specifically the Pande Group, at Stanford University's - Chemistry Department), which is a nonprofit institution dedicated to science research and education. We will not sell the data or make any money off of it.

    Moreover, we will make the data available for others to use. In particular, the results from Folding@home will be made available on several levels. Most importantly, analysis of the simulations will be submitted to scientific journals for publication, and these journal articles will be posted on the web page after publication. Next, after publication of these scientific articles that analyze the data, the raw data of the folding runs will be available for everyone, including other researchers, here on this web site."

    it's open source science. everyone participates, everyone wins.

    2) My electricity prices are going up by about 10% so I really don't like the idea of my iMac running 24-7 eating up electricity, and adding to the wear and tear of my system. I'm not sure what the monthly cost would be running Folding@home, but I'm sure it adds up.

    the cost of gasoline is up also, but i still drive my paper/plastic/glass to the city recycle point to keep it out of a landfill. i guess i don't get the point of the question. if you can afford the small increase in cost due to additional electrical usage, then fold. if not, don't.

    no idea which system you have, but a quick guesstimate of a current imac running folding with the screen set to turn off when not being used would be around 100-120w, so like leaving a light bulb on. well, an old school incandescent bulb... you do have all LED and CFLs since you worry about electric rates, right?

    if i had only an imac and a desire to fold, i'd leave the imac alone and build a cheap pc system to fold with. no wear and tear, better results, lower cost. just my 2 cents.

    Sep 25, 10:30 PM
    why did they wait till now to worry about this?


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