marlon wayans bulge

marlon wayans bulge. Mario Testino Tests Ashton
  • Mario Testino Tests Ashton

  • Jelite
    Nov 17, 08:21 PM
    That's some good initiative, maybe next time he can do it without stolen goods and earn back the money he's going to lose from the impending court case.

    marlon wayans bulge. Categories: Music, Movies
  • Categories: Music, Movies

  • twoodcc
    Oct 26, 01:34 PM
    i'm pretty disappointed that it's not universal

    marlon wayans bulge. Note: As usual, I will likely
  • Note: As usual, I will likely

  • Keleko
    Mar 17, 07:21 PM
    In response to all the "Recommend Me a Camera/Lens/Editor etc" threads, I offer this. Comments or additions?

    Never Show Your Work To Anyone

    Read Only "Expert Photographer" Blogs, Articles, and Books

    Leave Your Camera On Auto...:eek:...

    Buy A New and More Expensive Camera Because It'll Make Better Pictures

    Spend Too Much Time Mastering Photoshop

    Mine is this: Fixate on one style of photography or subject.

    Original stolen from PIXIQ... (


    I have read that you should find a type of photography that you're good at and stick with it rather than try to be a jack of all trades type. Trying to do sports, weddings and landscape all at once may not be the best idea, for example. They all require different equipment and style of photography. Now, I am barely out of the novice stage (about 7 months into taking photography seriously) so I am hardly able to give expert advice. I haven't figured out what kind of photography I am best at or like doing most. I have noticed I feel a bit intimidated by portrait type photography. I don't have the right equipment for it (flashes, strobes, backdrops, studio...), and I'm not sure I want to go that route. I also don't care for sports in general, so that's not a likely path for me, either.

    At least I mostly haven't suffered from the things you listed above. I kind of did buy an expensive camera to take "better" pictures, but then my P&S was pretty limiting in the kind of pictures I could take with it. It didn't do well with the kind of pictures I wanted to take. I recognize I got it to make the technical aspects better and for the versatility of different lenses. I know it doesn't mean what I take pictures of will necessarily be better.

    I think I'm sucking less than when I started my 365 project. People tell me they like my pictures, so I must be doing something right at least sometimes. This means I'm achieving my goal for my project, which was to be more interested and better at photography. I can't even look at the pictures I took prior to starting it. :) I moved them all off to iPhoto and use Aperture for everything since.

    If anyone wants to comment on how I'm doing so far, and they're bored enough to go through it all, my project set on flickr is here:

    I'll also add one to the list above - Always copy what other photographers do instead of establishing your own style.

    marlon wayans bulge. A very pregnant Jennifer Lopez
  • A very pregnant Jennifer Lopez

  • aristotle
    May 3, 11:07 AM
    You go on and believe that if you want. You have no idea the damage conservatives can and will do, but you're about to find out. Get out the lube, you're gonna need it.
    As an American so you have no idea what conservative or liberal really means. Those words have been distorted by your politics over the last half century. Conservative is supposed to mean "balance the budget and pay down the debt" through prudent spending cuts without raising of taxes.

    What your so-called conservatives have done is cut taxes for the rich only, increased spending in the military industrial complex and refused to pass healthcare reform that could potentially save billions of dollars per year. The US spends more on healthcare per capita than any other country but it has the worst healthcare per capita than any other country in the world. Even Cuba has better healthcare.

    Being a conservative is not about having no social programs but rather it is about being fiscally responsible with tax payers money and spending on social programs that serve the majority of citizens and help promote a strong and healthy workforce. The workforce is the engine of the economy.

    Tax cuts are not a bad thing but they should only be done when the government is certain that the budget will be balanced or when they are needed for economic stimulus and they should be across the board or to people on the bottom end.


    marlon wayans bulge. My friend Seth stirs up a
  • My friend Seth stirs up a

  • libertyforall
    Nov 5, 10:42 PM
    No spy chips, thank you.

    marlon wayans bulge. happy mothers day poems for
  • happy mothers day poems for

  • Hans Brix
    Apr 1, 02:43 AM
    To be more specific, Costco gas was $3.939 for regular yesterday.


    marlon wayans bulge. Sportrait: Alexandre Despatie
  • Sportrait: Alexandre Despatie

  • redgaz26
    Jul 8, 02:15 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/420.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Mobile/4A102 Safari/419.3)

    is your o2 store in a centre?
    the one in scarborough is and is opening at nine??
    think I'll go to Bridlington. I'll be back at the caravan before the kids wake up.

    marlon wayans bulge. to date.
  • to date.

  • jose fuertes s.
    Oct 19, 12:23 PM
    iHope Apple will make this phones with GSM technology, so everyone worldwide could have one. :)


    marlon wayans bulge. Clint Mauro for Armani
  • Clint Mauro for Armani

  • alfredsilver
    Dec 23, 07:25 PM
    I find that song crass and rude.
    But X Factor songs are so cheesy and naff as well.
    I prefer the Clash.

    marlon wayans bulge. According to entertainment
  • According to entertainment

  • neonart
    Nov 21, 05:28 PM
    Does this mean we might actually see a 3GHz G5 Powerbook? :rolleyes:

    I know really. I could see the tagline now:

    The new PowerBook G5. Power cords are a thing of the past.

    Yea, kinda cheesy, but you get the idea. :)

    ARRGGGH! You guys beat me to it.

    I was certain we were getting G5 Powerbooks on Tuesday based on this news.:D


    marlon wayans bulge. lt;-still cute fat fat channing
  • lt;-still cute fat fat channing

  • DeSnousa
    May 14, 06:30 PM
    agreed. and i've seen other very active forums where they have give-aways and stuff for the "folder of the month" and such. i've even seen some members give other members video cards or computers, as long as they agree to use it for folding.

    as far as a new system on a budget - what is your budget, and when do you plan on buying? both of those factors play a part

    I was thinking could Arn not give out a paid subscription to the forums for a year say when you hit milestones of 250,000 points or so, so from Jan to Dec if you accumulate a minium you get the next year?

    Budget is around AUS$800-1000, and I will be getting most of the parts in 3 to 4 months unless there is new tech coming not to long after it?

    marlon wayans bulge. Sheriff wants Shaq#39;s deputy
  • Sheriff wants Shaq#39;s deputy

  • miles01110
    Mar 24, 03:51 PM
    Most everyone is talking about the hardware, but what about the software that Apple develops? Gesture technology, 3D rendering, AI, all the graphic intensive stuff Apple has always been known for. There's a lot of potential for software application outside of the Apple hardware the military may be interested in too.

    Yep. There always has been the potential. The reason it doesn't happen is because (as I said earlier) Apple is almost completely inflexible when it comes to creating something new, modifying an existing application, or otherwise being accommodating to the government. There are exceptions, but they're few and far in between. Microsoft, on the other hand, is more than willing to get their hands dirty.


    marlon wayans bulge. THE BIKE CAR

  • MXDT
    May 3, 10:34 AM
    Running this on my Macbook Alu 2.4Ghz with Nvidia 9400M hooked up to my 46 1080P Sony. The game runs perfectly normal on full 1080P on low settings. I feel I can even push some medium settings on it. My machine gets really hot and the fans are in high gear even when it is not pushing a 1080p second display.

    How worried about heat should I be over extended periods of time?

    marlon wayans bulge. happy mothers day poems for
  • happy mothers day poems for

  • OdduWon
    Oct 10, 01:58 PM
    i think we may see MB w/ MBP with shuffle and xserve. i level and pro level traffic at the apple store will sell llot of laptops, especially if their curent.


    marlon wayans bulge. Hey Mon Airlines. Hey Mon Airlines. 4:02. Hey Mon! In Living Color - Hey mon skit. In Living Color - Hey mon skit. 4:25. The Jamaicans VS. The Koreans.
  • Hey Mon Airlines. Hey Mon Airlines. 4:02. Hey Mon! In Living Color - Hey mon skit. In Living Color - Hey mon skit. 4:25. The Jamaicans VS. The Koreans.

  • Dooger
    Mar 20, 09:25 AM
    Who cares??? its a $500 device that can replace all computer needs of any student. Period.


    Any student? No. Just No.

    Please engage some sort of thought process before you make statements as ludicrous as this.

    marlon wayans bulge. LA Love Band-At Last live at Sherman Oaks Galleria. LA Love Band-At Last live at Sherman Oaks Galleria. 5:46. Maiya Sykes of the LA Love Band wows the crowd
  • LA Love Band-At Last live at Sherman Oaks Galleria. LA Love Band-At Last live at Sherman Oaks Galleria. 5:46. Maiya Sykes of the LA Love Band wows the crowd

  • CAWjr
    Mar 24, 03:31 PM
    I'm already getting two iPad 2s for me & my wife & I saw this & wanted to get one for my daughter. My wife made a pretty good statement of "Do we need to go from no iPads to three in one house?"

    Chalk up another version of "Wife said no."


    marlon wayans bulge. IMDB says that it will be in
  • IMDB says that it will be in

  • HexMonkey
    Jun 1, 03:23 AM
    Then that means merging articles wherever possible, and as I suggested before, using the subcategories as filters rather than points of separation.

    How does what I said mean we should merge articles whenever possible? :confused:

    I don't think MediaWiki supports using categories as filters.

    That way we can reduce article clutter while simultaneously avoiding arbitrary separation between different types of software simply because they don't fit the idea of being "Mac" like.
    As for the CLI thing, it's all just software, we don't need to keep them separated by walls of steel from the "Mac" apps since they run native on a Mac.

    If there's a "Terminal Commands" subcategory of a "Software" category, the CLI applications are still classed as software. By putting them in a subcategory, we are not hiding them, shunning them or separating them by "walls of steel". We are merely putting articles in logical groupings to make them easier to find. They are not split off because they're not "Mac-like".

    A simpler category structure does not necessarily make the guides any simpler to use.

    marlon wayans bulge. Find out how you can win
  • Find out how you can win

  • miamijim
    Apr 13, 04:11 AM
    What about denying somebody a job because of their, say, intelligence? Charisma? Any number of things that are largely predetermined?

    I used to work for a Major Music retailer and when interviewing people we always decided who would get the job based upon personality... If say we had 10 CV's these would already be the good CV's as the bad ones never got to the interview stage...

    So out of the 10 candidates be they White, Black or Asian, Male or Female the one that got the job would be the one whom we felt would bring the most to the team.

    IE would we like to spend time with this person outside of work as well as inside.

    marlon wayans bulge. The Surf May 28 - Joe Motiki
  • The Surf May 28 - Joe Motiki

  • avkills
    Sep 20, 05:57 PM
    Microsoft has not beat Apple as far as a 64bit consumer OS goes. Name one consumer chip that is 64bit. Thank you. Carry on.

    Also, I think NT is limited to 4 processors unless they have updated that recently. Clustering is not the same as a multi-processor machine. Unix scales better than NT, just deal with it. Apple could easily make a rack server that had 16 processors, with a kick arse OpenGL card and teach SGI a lesson. They don't have the market for that though...yet!


    Laird Knox
    May 2, 04:31 PM
    let us have news of obama bin ladens death!

    I didn't even know he was sick! On second thought, never heard of him.

    Mar 19, 04:59 PM
    Auto is a good place to start, but DON'T BE AFRAID to use full manual 'M'. I have never shoot anything other full manual, except when I was using my camera to take snap shots of stuff I was selling on eBay, FM, CL, etc.

    With digital nowadays, it doesn't cost anything to learn! I am not that old, but I learned with film. My first film body was an EOS 650 and then I quickly snatched up two more (an Elan 7NE and an EOS-3), due to it being film. You were "stuck" at whatever the film was, and so I had three bodies out of convenience, if you will. So one body had Velvia RVP 50, one had Neopan and the other had like Reala. Those were the days (like 2002 or something). .

    I say this all the time, but I still have " A Film state of mind". In that, I mean I shoot like I still use film. I pre-vision what I want to convey onto "film", thus it slows up my shooting. I guess all the $$$$ I spent on developing and such (buying a CoolScan IV ED scanner, etc to get it onto the computer) sticks with me.

    Point is just go out and shoot. I really up until a year or so ago shot landscapes primarily. I used a Rokinon (Vivitar/Samyang,Bower/etc) 85mm 1.4 and it opened up my eyes to different styles, and thus I am venturing into different subjects. Nothing makes up for experience and trial and errors. Understanding how one setting is in relation to the other will greatly help you!

    I agree with most of what you say, except.... I don't get the "Shoot only Full Manual" advice that is heard here and in other places.

    If I have spent some $$ on a camera with a computer and a light meter, I figure I'm going to make it do at some of the work. The way I see it, I have a management job, and that is to decide what DoF and/or apparent motion I want to capture (composition) - and to ensure good exposure (quality control). The camera gets to do the grunt work of doing the calculations. It's the back-office.

    Generally I use Aperture Priority, and let the camera worry itself over the shutter speed. Though, being the suspicious boss type, I'm always checking over the Camera's work and watching the settings. That way I can step in and make changes if necessary.

    I figure I'm thinking through the cycle anyway. I like DoF control, so I generally start with Av. I observe the shutter speed - make sure I'm fast enough if I'm handholding, or perhaps I want to freeze or blur something. (Or if I'm on a tripod can I get away with triggering with a light finger or do I need to go to a timer or cable release).

    Then I observe the overall exposure. Do I need to adjust the +/- thingy?

    I guess it's the difference between :
    Think -> Look -> Think -> Make a Setting -> Push Button (Manual)
    Think -> Look -> Adjust if necessary -> Push Button (Av or Tv).

    Seems faster my way, and just as accurate. And maybe more accurate if I'm tired. ... but maybe I'm missing something?

    I'm really enjoying this whole thread..... :)

    Mar 14, 04:36 PM
    Now that would be something to see - the orange in front of itself. Some sort of 4th-dimensional super orange? ;)

    I missed that completely - too funny.

    Begins search for a 4th-dimension lens ...

    Mar 18, 09:44 PM
    Sonco near me (US per Gallon):

    Sep 14, 06:00 PM
    Yeah, I get to have my wisdom teeth out next Thursday, so it's anesthesia for me too!

    Although...this should be ok...because my step-grandfather founded the anesthesia department at Cincinnati Children's. So...the current head of department is personally putting me under. I'm expecting a great nights sleep after that...


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