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  • Apple 26.2
    Apr 7, 05:45 PM
    This is stupid awesome :D

    Just got Missile Command, Asteroids and Tempest.

    dusk till dawn tattoo. george clooney dusk till dawn
  • george clooney dusk till dawn

  • Drumjim85
    Feb 9, 10:25 AM
    I'm assuming this also works with unlimited family plan messaging.

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  • Kyffin
    Mar 31, 02:30 PM
    Damn! very fine gift sir! (I wanted my two front teeth but have yet some saving up to do & a health tourism trip abroad on that one)


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  • jake4ever
    Apr 5, 08:23 PM
    If I hold a business licence is it ok to offer repair services on craigslist? I am not certified by Apple to do so. Can I get in any legal trouble for this or is it simply that Apple will no longer warranty the product?

    Yes. You can't get in any legal trouble, but it will void warranty.


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  • Michael383
    Apr 30, 10:54 PM
    The Apple magic mouse is my favorite with the Logitech anywhere MX second.

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  • verjesh1
    Jan 7, 12:03 AM
    This Christmas I have gotten a nice mobile fro my father I was very happy because first time My father gave me better gift for me. so I am so happy.


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  • johnnyfiive
    Aug 11, 04:46 PM
    Some nice desktops/wallpapers people have! I found a nice one today which I spread across both monitors.

    (Source: http://www.bartelme.at/journal/archive/deep_blue_wallpaper/ )

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  • Squonk
    Oct 31, 01:40 PM
    And I guess increased storage could be used as a USB key. I'd like to see them get rid of the dock and go back to the Shuffle plugging right into your USB port. (I think this used to be the case? Never owned a Shuffle.) So useful for file storage. In that case, basically any size Shuffle could be useful.

    maybe a 3rd party company will design a cable/adaptor/thing that you can conveniently carry with the shuffle to use as a flash drive without the need of the dock

    out of the box the 2gen shuffle capabilities as a flash drive are almost useless IMO

    The 2gen form factor does not lend itself to a direction connection via USB due to the shape of it. The 1gen shuffle had problems with this too which prompted the 1gen dock. I recall that the 1gen could not fit into the USB ports on the eMac.

    And for that matter, it looks to me that the 2gen shuffle is so thin that it could not accommodate the USB connector anyway.

    Yes, a non-dock cable for the 2gen shuffle to USB would be the ticket. Heck, this is what Apple should have included with it instead of the itty-bitty docklet.

    I agree - I'd want the shuffle for it's thumb drive ability in addition to music player. And for that reason, a 2GB size would be very nice indeed!


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  • DJsteveSD
    Apr 7, 12:52 PM

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  • bikertwin
    May 2, 10:54 PM
    While I'd like to applaud MacRumors for instituting a blood drive, it seems particularly cruel in that there is a larger percentage of gay men among Apple fans than in the general population.

    And we can't donate.

    For political reasons, not scientific ones.

    Even the American Red Cross wants our blood:


    Talk about risk factors--what about closeted gay men who screw random strangers, having unprotected sex, and then go home to their cozy wife & kids? If their wife/workplace encourages them to donate blood, are they going to reveal their sexuality and not donate? Sure, they can go through the act and check the box so their blood gets thrown away... but if they're ****ing guys behind their wives' backs, why would they show any honesty or compassion for their fellow humans.

    You know this must be happening every day. And yet where are the news stories of people being infected with HIV. There are none. Because we have tests now--we've had them for a while--to detect HIV. So the blood isn't used.

    So why can't out gay men donate?

    No scientific reason. It's political.

    The Human Rights Campaign, the American Red Cross, America's Blood Centers and AABB, formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks, support easing the lifetime ban to allow gay blood donors. In a joint statement, the blood organizations said that safety was the first priority and that potential donors should be screened more fairly, regardless of sexual orientation.

    About three months ago, Sen. John Kerry and 17 other senators signed a letter to the FDA blasting its "outdated" policy.

    Gay men, including those who are in monogamous relationships, are forbidden from contributing blood for the rest of their lives, while "a heterosexual who has had sex with a prostitute need only wait a year [before giving blood]. That does not strike me as a sound scientific conclusion," Kerry wrote in a March 9 letter.


    dusk till dawn tattoo. george clooney dusk till dawn
  • george clooney dusk till dawn

  • b166er
    Mar 25, 11:02 AM
    I'm getting more and more curious how iOS 5 will turn out. I dunno if these enhancements will make it in time for summer, but I'm imagining centralized voice control for doing everyday tasks, a la Siri.

    "Is it going to rain tonight?"
    "How is traffic? Find another route"
    "Book me a table for 2 at 7 tonight"
    "What movies are showing tonight?"

    These sorts of things should be accessible, and actionable, from the Voice Control interface. Apple did just add 20 new spoken languages to OS X :rolleyes: Perhaps it will be accessible as an API to third party developers. This would really change the way I use my phone, especially while on the road.

    This would be cool if you didn't have to hold in the home button. What I mean is, if I'm already holding the phone, then holding in the home button, then speaking the command- I could have just launched the weather app in that amount of time. I want to be able to have the phone sitting on my desk while I'm getting ready for work and shout commands at it from across the room. A little too star-trek, I know, but that's the only time I think I'd ever use a voice command. And obviously, while driving.

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  • DocNYz
    Mar 25, 11:26 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/25/apple-still-seeking-to-radically-improve-maps-for-ios/)


    As noticed by 9 to 5 Mac (http://www.9to5mac.com/57822/apple-looking-to-radically-improve-ios-maps-and-location-services/), Apple has posted a new job listing (http://jobs.apple.com/index.ajs?BID=1&method=mExternal.showJob&RID=75809) for an iOS Maps Application Developer who can help "radically improve" the Maps application and other location-based services.The posting is reminiscent of a late 2009 (http://www.macrumors.com/2009/11/27/apple-to-take-iphones-maps-app-to-the-next-level/) job listing looking for a candidate to help "take Maps to the next level". Apple has also beefed up its maps, navigation and location-based services capabilities with the acquisition of Placebase (http://www.macrumors.com/2009/09/30/apple-acquired-mapping-company-placebase-in-july/) and Poly9 (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/07/14/apple-acquires-web-mapping-firm-poly9/) over the past couple of years. Combining those acquisitions with the moving of location services in-house (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/07/30/apple-moved-location-services-in-house-with-ipad-and-ios-4/) last year and other job postings (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/12/17/apples-ios-engineering-jobs-emphasize-navigation-software-experience/) for navigation-related positions, it certainly appears that Apple is making a full-scale push into the area.

    From the very beginning, Apple has relied on Google's technology for maps and location-based services on iOS devices. But as relations between the two companies have soured among increasing competitiveness in mobile devices, Apple is clearly trying to distance itself from Google somewhat by developing its own unique offerings.

    Article Link: Apple Still Seeking to 'Radically Improve' Maps for iOS (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/25/apple-still-seeking-to-radically-improve-maps-for-ios/)

    I seriously had a dream last night that maps was updated to 3D and you could use the gyroscope etc to fly through optional routes before chosing which one to take ahha.


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  • jsw
    Feb 14, 12:13 PM
    How much lower can one go than mini-mod?

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  • r6novak
    Nov 21, 11:39 AM
    Actually i just wrote him the email because i was killing some time at work and i was curious of what the response would be. They are all sold out anyway.... its not like steve can make you return them. I'm also pretty sure Apple knew about it long before i sent the email.


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  • ViciousShadow21
    Apr 11, 11:46 PM
    Been a while since i posted on here. Here is the lovely Kelly Brook (the black bar on the bottom is for my dock indicators. if you would like the original without it let me know)
    Also changed my system font. I really like the way it turned out.

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  • netdog
    Oct 17, 04:02 PM
    After all, we get Leopard 8 hours before those saps in Cupertino. We just pay a little more for it. Any ideas?


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  • Hellhammer
    Apr 28, 10:26 AM
    Two GT120s will be able to drive up to four displays (2xDVI and 2xmDP). eBay (http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=NVIDIA+GT120&_sacat=See-All-Categories) is the best source for GT120s at the moment, they go for around 100 bucks.

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  • Turbojugend27
    Aug 2, 01:33 PM
    I'd wait until they get BR working fine, last I checked they couldn't get 50 gigs working properly, only 25. So as of right now, HD-DVD holds more at 30 gigs than Blu-ray at 25.

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  • lamina
    Jan 9, 04:52 PM

    I wish that Apple would get an indie band to perform instead of John Mayer or what ever his name is.

    How about Wolf Parade, Modest Mouse, Broken Social Scene, Sleater-Kinney, Asobi Seksu...etc. Some band with more energy that appeals to the young, the independents.

    IMO I don't think John Mayo is all that great of an artist. And that recent photo posted on MR does not do much to change my opinion.[/QUOTE]

    Modest Mouse? Musically, I don't think they deserve that honour.

    Oct 9, 04:23 PM
    In the mood for theming.


    How did you change the colour of your Menu Bar?

    Jan 9, 04:25 PM
    yet again this forum is full of poeple moaning about this....what the hell do you want??

    im more than sure your going to get another special event when Leopard launches and it will have iWork and iLilfe launched at the same time as it now seems these are integrating more than before....

    Why have everything in the one day, when we now get the chance to sit back, take in what we just say and look forward to something else very soon..

    get a grip:rolleyes:

    May 4, 12:00 AM

    4th search result from a Google search for "alias vs. symbolic link (http://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&safe=off&client=safari&rls=en-us&as_qdr=all&q=alias%20vs.%20symbolic%20link&btnG=Search)"

    Apr 28, 10:25 PM
    Samsung makes good cellphones. All the cellphones I've owned in my life have been Samsung ones :D

    I own a Samsung Mythic, and I suffer lag input problems :\. $100 with contract at the time I bought it and my brother's Samsung Impression which is $75 with contract is faster than mine. A simple OTA update could have easily fixed this lag problem.

    Undoubtedly though Samsung makes great TVs.

    Nov 20, 03:22 PM
    What about something like this (http://www.synaptics.com/onyx)?

    I'm pretty sure this was brought up on this site many moons ago, but it's still a pretty sweet idea. Maybe something like what the iphone will be?


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