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  • DewGuy1999
    Apr 10, 04:34 PM
    When I learned to drive in the mid-70s we were taught on automatics in Driver's Ed, as far as I know there weren't any manual transmission cars as part of the program, but I think we were "taught" about them in the book portion of the class. I drove automatics from that point on.

    Fast forward to the mid-80s and I was going to buy my first new car, an 1985-1/2 Ford Escort and since gas was at the astronomical price of $1.20-1.30 per gallon I wanted a manual transmission. I had a friend who had a 1985 Ford Escort so I asked him if he could give me a basic lesson, we spent about an hour one afternoon on the back streets with basically zero traffic, but I learned the basics.

    Bought the new Escort and for my first real drive (I didn't test drive it) drove it back home from the Dealership approximately 15-miles, covering stop and go city traffic up to highway speeds of 55mph. I was a bit rough on takeoffs for the coming weeks, occasionally stalling it or lurching about, but I got better. Backing up took a while longer to get the idea of but that eventually came to me.

    One funny memory I have of those early days, it that my wife (then girlfriend) and I were attempting to leave a local department store's parking lot. I always tried to use the less frequented exits and streets as I wasn't very good with takeoffs at first. To compound things this store's driveway went slightly uphill to the street. Oh-oh, I'm sure you can see where this story is going. Every time I tried to accelerate forward the car would start rolling backward, I didn't understand the friction point on the clutch yet, so I pulled up the parking brake to hold the car in place and told my wife, "when I say now release the parking brake", she did when I told her and I was able to get the car to move forward and out on to the street without rolling back into the car behind us. :)

    I had that car for 12-years. It's the only manual transmission car that I've ever driven. I miss it. :(

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  • know-it-all5
    Jan 3, 07:36 PM
    This would point to iPods being a footnote in the keynote, but the original iPod's end of cycle status (it hasn't been updated for quite some time, by iPod standards) and the fact that Zune was released earlier, I have a feeling Steve Jobs will want to one up Microsoft in the music player department after doing so with a demonstration of Leopard in the OS department.
    do u consider the september update an update?

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  • Nishi100
    Mar 31, 04:57 PM
    Is address book the same; and can you post a screenshot, anyway?

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  • econgeek
    Apr 12, 09:19 PM
    I love the adoption of iMovies people detection and shot detection features... this is great.... rolling shutter fixing is a feature adobe previewed but typical for apple they do it on import, rather than as an "effect" you can add.

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  • network23
    Jul 19, 04:46 PM
    I fully believe the lower desktop numbers are due to people waiting for the Intel-based desktops. The wonderful thing about Macs are that they aren't always in need of updating, so it's not a problem to wait until they are released.

    Expect a huge increase in desktop sales the next quarter or two (if indeed the Mac Pro with Intel line appears next month).

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  • stompy
    Nov 27, 02:11 PM
    I think Apple will specifically NOT make a 17" Monitor as Digitimes are so astonishingly innaccurate :rolleyes:.

    LOL, right you are. Anything from Digitimes should automatically go to page 2.

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  • bigpics
    Mar 23, 11:37 PM
    One more vote to keep the old gal around.

    And another to keep giving it facelifts that:

    a) Improve what it already does (without destroying its core philosophy),
    b) Add new functions extending those functions (e.g., people have mentioned updating the DAC, allowing bluetooth and HD video out, etc. and faster syncing if TB will accomplish that (FW sustained transfer rates are faster than USB, but agree the FW port's not coming back on its own).
    Plus etc., etc. and so forth as (generally) eloquently already laid down elsewhere.
    c) Keep it a part of the modern Apple ecosystem via serving iDevices and ATV's as others have suggested and in many other clever, not unfeasible ways.
    d) Keep it looking fresh and up-to-date. It does appear that the screen could be made larger without compromising the click-wheel functionality.

    Another reason to have a lot of music/media BTW is not that you're a "hoarder" as someone suggested, but to include music that's not your fave but may be perfect when you have guest riders in your car - people of different ages and backgrounds and tastes so you can DJ for all (and at parties too). Call me a people pleaser but, hey.....

    And if I have an 16 or even 32GB iPhone, I have little use for a Touch, but just as much a need for a Classic. My iPod Photo 60 is still looking/running like new and has been my car music server for years. But it's too low in capacity for me, so breaking 200GB + some of the above refinements would likely tip me.

    There's also an aspect that hasn't been in this thread - and the "tech specs" on Apple.com no longer mention either target disk mode - nor using it to load up general files, but I remember an earlier gen being usable as an external hard drive that was also an iPod in the bargain!

    One that a photographer, e.g., could have in a pocket to download pics from a DSLR to free up an SD card for more shooting in the field. Or today, back up an entire maxxed out MBAir for that matter. Voila: A mini Time Machine + all of the above.

    If it does still allow that, add it to the marketing. It's an iPod. It's a mini-media server. It's an external HD. Music, Movies, Videos, Podcasts, Photos, Games, Storage, Backup. In less than 5 ounces.

    What's not to like for 2 and a half Ben Franks??

    Finally I get a kick out of the people dissing people who prefer uncompressed music. The ONLY advantage of compression is to store more files/GB and it ALWAYS degrades the quality of the recording. Always. And you're championing this as preferable because......?????

    Apple already has algorithms for optimizing file size on the Mac side when maxxing out files to be placed on an iDevice. With our multi-terabyte setups, why wouldn't we want the best originals available?

    And most who want uncompressed music (and those who want better than CD's already dumbed-down wave forms) actually CAN discern the diff (tho' some only think they can, as tests have shown, to be frank).

    But seriously, guys, you remind me of people who've been conditioned to think a McDouble is a gastronomic improvement on the T-bone steak. Sheesh.


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  • nosen
    Sep 6, 06:14 PM
    But hopefully these are a better resolution than the current TV show on Itunes. It should be at least DVD quality, If not these price model will bomb IMHO.
    agreed, although I don't think I'd ever pay more than $9.99... I'd rather just buy the DVD.

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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Sep 6, 08:48 AM
    Hmm... the Mini still has no Core 2 Duo? That does not sound too promising for MacBook (Pro) updates... unless Apple only wants to use the Core 2 Duo for the high end laptops (MacBook Pro) of course... Or are they waiting untill Leopard has been released?

    Core Duo prices will decrease soon (October or so), so Apple will probably have a price decrease then. Additionally, it may wait to put merom in its Macbook lineup, and instead have a price decrease there too...

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  • z3r0
    Apr 21, 12:14 PM
    The passcode can be easily bypassed.

    Look into Cellbrite if you haven't:

    It pretty much copies everything on your phone. It works with 95% of all the cell phones that exist, smartphone or not. iPhone, Android, Symbian, WinMobile, etc...

    Check here (http://www.cellebrite.com/forensic-products/ufed-standard-kit/ufed-logical-supported-phones.html) to see if your phone is supported ;)

    Trust only paper or your mind.

    If you have a passcode on your phone then you cant sync/create a backup if your phone was lost or stolen

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  • sycho
    Jan 28, 10:13 PM
    ^^ It may be an illusion but are your rear tires smaller than the front ones? Anyways, you have an awesome car. Looks very nice.

    Those were the old tires that came with the wheels, I never used them as they were ********. I'm running 225/45/17 Continental ExtremeContact DW. Only have about 50 miles on them and I love them.

    Here's the tread on them. They look narrow in the photo, but I assure you they are not.


    And I can't forget about this minor issue. :P

    I put some 268 cams and intake, exhaust. It's pretty quick now.

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  • bloodycape
    Jul 16, 04:00 AM
    We've seen it with Betamax, MiniDisc, MemoryStick, etc. Sony doesn't play well with others, they like their own formats. Heck, take a look at the Sony DRM fiasco from last year with the rootkit CDs. Do you really trust Sony to be checking in on what Blueray discs you are playing and verifying your encryption keys on a dailybasis? There are very few features in Blueray which are consumer friendly.

    I'd beg to differ on that point. MemoryStick is actually doing pretty well in the market considering that the top three cards are SD, CF and MS stick. Granted they keep changing it but it is doing better then Beta, MiniDisc and MinisDisk HD(even though there are many die hard minidisk fans). Hell you even look at those multi memory card readers there is always support for MS stick. So it does look like Sony did something right there.

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  • NebulaClash
    Sep 15, 09:38 AM
    Not all auto recalls are for safety issues. The point is Apple DID NOT FIX the issue with the new iPhone's they are selling, again something automobile manufactures are expected to do regardless of it is a safety issue or not. It doesn't matter how many or few people have the issue, the issue exists and they did not issue a permanent, non-interactive and satisfactory fix for CR's to recommend the product.

    I have the issue as the signal in my area from AT&T sucks. I'm fine with using a case as I planned on using one anyway. But if someone in my area wanted an iPhone 4 and does like or want a case, then I wouldn't recommend it to them.

    And I would recommend the iPhone 4 to everyone I know, almost all of whom use a case no matter what phone they have.

    Let's drop the car analogy, it's causing more trouble than my point is worth. Apple did not fix the issue YET, but they said they would. What would you have them do in the meantime? What would CR have them do? No doubt a product recall which would be silly overkill. Apple's solution is simple, free, and easy.

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  • Leet Apple
    Feb 17, 10:42 PM
    Used my iPhone 3G for the Pic
    Sorry for the Quality


    Put my MacBook Pro on a separate table

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  • Doctor Q
    Aug 16, 12:59 PM
    I don't know how credible this particular Digitimes story is, but I can't imagine that Apple isn't working on wireless iPod capability. It won't be all things to all people, but it's probably necessary because it'll open the door to more features, because more and more consumers expect gadgets to have wireless capabilities, and because Apple wants to stay well ahead of all competition.

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  • AhmedFaisal
    Apr 11, 10:08 PM
    Learned how to drive with stick shift, normal since it's Germany and stick shifts are the norm. Drove stick until I started working in sales. Had to drive a car from the fleet that was a stick for about a year. Nothing turns you off driving stick more than having a job where you drive all day in heavy city traffic. Switched to DCTs ever since.
    Funny, in Germany it was tough for a long time to get topline engines or sports cars with automatic. Volkswagen was notorious for that. It was virtually impossible to get an AWD Diesel with Automatic for a long time.

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  • Mexbearpig
    Nov 26, 09:57 AM
    Finished gifts for 2 of 4 people in my family :D. And got third season of Dexter for myself which I am watching now. My mom also got a wireless printer which once iPad 4.2 is jailbreakable I can airprint :). Good day. And the movies costed $34 total :D

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  • DMann
    Jan 13, 07:29 PM
    Come on, people!!
    In my opinion, their quote, "There's something in the air," is nothing other than an allusion to the fact that they're going to introduce a 3G iPhone. We have all known that this was coming eventually; Jobs even said that the only thing stopping them from introducing it was low battery life.

    Much prefer "Wi-Max in the air" to a power hungry, girth expanding, comparatively slower 3G.

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  • jxyama
    Apr 2, 09:09 AM
    You have some good points here....but the basic arguement is how to survive in the future - How to grow the business....Itms doesn't make any money for Apple, the ipod is going to have too many similar players. So why not go for the lower end of the market - eg: like they did with the old "LC"s machines. People buy software but they don't want to shell out alot of money for hardware.

    no worry, people's been saying that apple's been dying since like 10 years ago. and increasing the marketshare doesn't mean it's growing and not increasing the marketshare doesn't mean its future is doomed.

    look at gateway. it just acquired eMachines and "doubled" its marketshare to 7%. apple is half that. and guess which company has been more profitable recently? which company is debt free? (hint: it's not gateway) and which company had to expand beyond just selling cheap PCs to continue its operation? (another hint: it's not apple.)

    i see absolutely no economic reason why apple should bother selling cheap macs.

    people who know what they want will pay for Macs. if they don't know what they want, they won't care if they got a Mac.

    Sep 14, 11:10 AM
    Does the iPhone have an inherent design issue with regards to antenna performance. The answer is, absolutely YES. Does the bumper mitigate this issue, in my experience it does, however only a marginal amount.

    I have dropped calls every day, in places where I would have near full signal if I was not holding the phone. I have 3G data issues, especially in the fringe areas where I did not have an issue with my 3Gs.

    The iPhone is a great device and I agree that consumer reports is splitting hairs with the antenna issue.

    Apple agree's there is a problem or they would not have given away bumpers to everyone.

    Fortunately, I use my iPhone as a phone only about 20% of the time, so 80% of my use is great. The other 20% is only a problem about 1 in 7 calls.

    So, while it is a little inconvenient when a call drops when I hold the phone in that way, or short data interruptions on 3G from time-to-time, overall I get a lot done with the iPhone.

    I do look forward to changing my iPhone to a newer device at the first reasonable opportunity, primarily because of the antenna issue.
    I would agree completely. Have to say I use mine all day for business use. Hardly ever drop a call and it's way the best of all the iPhones I've had so far going back to 2nd gen

    Aug 25, 07:23 AM
    Has Dell or any other PC manufacturer started shipping Merom notebooks or Conroe PC's?

    Oct 24, 01:03 AM
    Since when have Apple used the Optima font family for their copy? :rolleyes:

    Edit: lol ok, thought you were serious about this for a moment.

    Oct 11, 08:37 PM
    I just received the Belkin Grip Vue (Tint) from belkin.com. It's structurally exactly the same as the Grip Vue cases from Best Buy, without the extremely bright and obnoxious colors. The (Tint) is translucent, so you can see your iPod logo thru the back. But it's slightly frosted on the inside, so you get NO watermarking, and it makes the back look really nice. I got the black one, which is basically a really dark smoke color. Really subtle and nice case.

    One very noticeable improvement over the Best Buy Grip Vues is that the volume buttons are way easier to press. I have been using my Best Buy Grip Vue for a week, and the buttons have broken in a little and have become easier. But the buttons on the Grip Vue (Tint) right out of the box are easier to press. Maybe the clearer material is just inherently a little bit softer.

    Sep 6, 08:10 PM
    Apple should let the record companies do variable pricing on their product as well.

    would lead to some older albums at 7.99 and some newer at say 12.99.


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