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  • rmhop81
    Apr 25, 08:48 AM
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    Have people maybe stoped to think, that we may not get a new model this year? That the reason they are putting out the white model now, is to cover the fact we won't see a update till next year?

    this is apple.....they don't care as long as their wallet gets thicker.

    they could launch this in a few days, then come out with an iphone 5 in June. They don't care....people will buy from them regardless

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  • Jht
    Jan 10, 12:12 PM
    Only switched to mac since xmas, so I didn't really know what to expect from macworld, but I'm not best excited from what I've seen. I was hoping for mac upgrades, and was most looking forward to leopard. The itv thing is a neat idea, I just can't see it appealing to the general public though, what with everything you have to have for it etc. And the iPhone WTF? Don't get me wrong it looks GREAT, really exciting, everything about it seems right, but the price? It's a phone for christ sake, and its not going to be out in the uk until the back end of 07 :mad: . But seriously 499 in the US, thats like �350? in the UK, I've just bought myself a new phone for �100 and thats nearing the tops I'd pay for a phone, which in essence is all it is. A �350 iphone or k800i (3mp) for �180, I'll have the k800i please, its ridiculous the price of this thing, because which ever way you look at it, �350ish/$499 for a phone is too much and apple will seriously be limiting the user base with a price like that, compared to other phones, the majority of the general puiblic won't want to lash out that much for a phone, its just a joke... All IMO obviously

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  • Aniej
    Jan 9, 02:43 PM
    I could not disagree more. There is nothing wrong with a focused keynote. In fact, it is somewhat refreshing once and a while to have a situation where the man himself takes the time to really go into what I believe is one of the most revolutionary concepts I have seen. Not only is it functional, but aesthetically it is amazing. The price is high if you were expecting them to give it away, but the fact is they have pulled it off and brought mobile technology to the next level and far beyond.

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  • sparkomatic
    Feb 3, 10:10 AM
    Mine at the moment. The photo's one of my own from Yosemite.


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  • jared1988
    Apr 20, 03:29 AM
    wow, thats a nice time lapse Jared!

    not my photo :o im not smart enough to work a camera, and im too broke to get one too

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  • macdong
    Oct 5, 04:43 PM
    Sounds like very awesome features. :cool:


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  • wordoflife
    May 1, 07:18 PM
    It could be the screen protector, the only way is to check by removing it.

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  • MacNewsFix
    Apr 30, 10:42 PM


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  • MacBytes
    Jan 4, 07:14 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: - Mac news, rumours, tips, reviews and information. (

    Posted on (

    Approved by arn

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  • kalsta
    Mar 20, 07:45 AM
    Philalbe, based on what you've said, he sounds like someone you really don't want to be doing business with. In the end, the pay would have to be a lot better than that for it to be worth all the stress.

    If I can offer you just a little bit of advice, having run my own business for quite a number of years, it would be this� Firstly, you're charging WAY too little. I did too when I started out. That's why this guy back-pedalled IMO, not because he's a nice guy, but because he realises that no one else will do the quality of work you're doing at this price. I could be wrong, but he sounds like some people I've seen before. He knows you're a bit green in business, and he'll take advantage of it to save every penny he can, hence the line that 3 hours is all he can afford. You have to be confident in your service and your prices and set them accordingly. If he values the service you offer, he will pay the price. If not, he'll go in search of the next person gullible enough to pay what he's offering, and he will. This kind of person places no value in establishing long-term business relationships and he offers very little value to you and your business.

    I know you're only starting out and you're keen to get any work you can, but in the long term it's going to bite you because a lot of the customers you're establishing now at this price are going to start taking it for granted. I don't know what the going rates are in your area, but you need to find out. I'll bet you people are charging upwards of 4 or 5 times that amount.

    Good luck! :)


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  • cecildk9999
    Jan 12, 08:46 AM
    I always enjoy watching the keynotes; Steve is an engaging speaker, and did a great demo for the new iPhone. I was waffling between the 'good' and 'missing something' choice on the poll, since I really wanted to find out more about stuff I could actually buy (Airport Express, iWork, etc.), but they Keynote was good for what it concentrated on. Ultimately, it just needs to be an exercise in patience, as I have good feelings about what 2007 will ultimately bring. And since I'm locked in to another year of T-Mobile, I won't even start to consider an iPhone until 08 (although that won't stop me from going in to play with one sometime this summer! :D ).

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  • jsw
    Feb 13, 07:40 AM
    My sincere congrats to all of the new Mods...
    Well, first, I need to point out that that was the single most obvious brown-nosed "welcome" I've seen yet. A true work of art. ;) Yes, I'm sending them all cookies, but you won't see me posting that here. Er... whoops!

    Second, welcome back - truly - I know you've been worked to the ragged edge of oblivion, and I hope things get better soon. Please let us know if your interview (I missed the original posts about it a few weeks ago) ends up in an offer. If not, I know one of the next ones will. It's easy to get caught up in wondering about why you're working 72-hour weeks now, but it is just a short phase to help you appreciate even more the much better job which I am certain you'll have very soon.


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  • Mr.Hey
    Dec 14, 09:13 PM
    He looks mysterious and cute at the same time. I like it.

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  • MacNut
    Feb 12, 09:35 PM
    We all knew it was matter of time before edesign was promoted. After the dozen paged thread about him who could refuse? :D

    Well I can only dream of achieving the moderator status. Maybe in 2 years Arn will give me a shot.Its always good to start kissing up now.


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  • dime21
    Mar 24, 11:31 AM
    One tip I have for those clients who want to change absolutley every little detail... explain that you are happy to change it all for an extra fee, and you'll even offer a lower hourly rate since you're not being asked to do anything creative, but remind them that they will end up with a site designed by an amateur to their personal, individual taste, rather than the site designed by a professional and designed to appeal to their whole customer base that they've already paid for.
    Agree completely. I've found that what a client says they want, and what they really actually want, are frequently two very different things. Some times you have to go with your gut feeling and design something that you know is the proper way to do it. Then also design exactly what they asked for. Present first the one they asked for. When they start making faces, then present this other thing you put together, and they'll probably love it. That's been my experience at least. Yes, it's more work that way, doing it twice, but most customers simply don't have the design experience to be dictating what it should look like - which is precisely why they hired you.

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  • macingman
    Apr 16, 10:01 PM
    Thanks so much for making another thread buddy.


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  • BillyShears
    Oct 31, 01:27 PM
    The battery life point is a good one. I hadn't thought of that (battery life has never affected me since I charge up whenever I get home). They could increase the battery life for the next revisions. So battery life and storage.

    And I guess increased storage could be used as a USB key. I'd like to see them get rid of the dock and go back to the Shuffle plugging right into your USB port. (I think this used to be the case? Never owned a Shuffle.) So useful for file storage. In that case, basically any size Shuffle could be useful.

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  • iAmAzN
    Jul 3, 09:53 AM
    sometimes when i'm chattng with someone the screen IM window blurrs up! is there a way to fix this?

    thank you in advance.

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  • AventuraMacGirl
    Nov 1, 07:39 PM
    The local Apple Store was not selling the 2nd Generation Shuffles today... So I went and bought one at the Best Buy right down the road for the same price. Turns out, I'm reading they're definitely not supposed to have them for sale yet. Anyhow, get them while they're hot in Aventura, FL!

    Mar 9, 10:53 PM
    Wow just completed my first bigadv for an unbelievable 70,046 points. I can't even run fah all the time either, otherwise it would have been even higher (it causes a rubber banding effect in some games where they battle for cpu cycles).

    Congratulations on your first bigadv WU! :cool:

    Apr 13, 10:36 AM
    My dad wants me to switch to Verizon this summer, so I'm really hoping the iPhone 5 will come out by then so I can upgrade to that instead of a Verizon iPhone 4. :D

    Apr 13, 09:39 AM
    thanks for continuing to screw us 3gs owners over apple...

    My phone is on its last leg, dropping calls all of the time, have to charge it 3 times a day. If i had known this, i would have already bought a 4...


    The screen may not change on the next revision. So there may be no need to change production.

    That's what I am thinking.

    Feb 14, 02:40 PM
    I'm hoping mymemory's post is tongue in cheek, as edesignuk has been, to date, exemplary in his duties, without losing that sense of humour we all know and expect.

    The mods here have done a great job in making MacRumors the most friendly and useful forum site I know of, and I hope us n00bie mods can carry on that work.

    If everyone stayed within the rules, our job would be easy, but we have rules to observe too, and that is going to make us unpopular with some individuals some of the time.

    It's OK, it's part of the job as far as I'm concered, I know I'm helping a forum that has been a great place to hang out over the years, and I know the other mods, mini or otherwise, feel the same.

    Thanks for all your comments, helpful or otherwise, it shows what this place means to us.

    Apr 5, 05:48 PM
    How we appear should never be a criterion for how we are treated under law. Justice is supposed to be blind.

    Is anyone here arguing that the way someone dresses does or should have a legal consequence in a rape situation? I haven't read every post, so perhaps someone is. Is treatment under the law the only aspect of this being discussed in this thread?


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