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  • coder12
    Mar 25, 09:39 AM
    Second that.

    Motion passed. Court dismissed?

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  • amy adams the fighter la 10 12

  • Dagless
    Jan 19, 07:04 PM
    I'd get one just for Zelda, Pilotwings and Starfox. But not at �230! That's ridiculous for a handheld machine that's primarily aimed at kids.

    Gotta disagree there. Nintendo's handheld systems have always had a varied library. Have you seen the launch lineup? Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter, 2 Resident Evil games, Madden, Ridge Racer, Asphalt. Even those Zelda and Mario titles are universal. The only obvious kids title I see is Nintendogs.

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  • miles01110
    Mar 23, 04:44 PM
    What about all the unclassified computers and devices?

    They're going to realize that the existing machines they have- or Windows machines that can be had for much cheaper- are quite capable of handling any non-classified activity without switching to new hardware.

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  • njchris
    Apr 12, 04:50 PM
    I got the Verizon 64gb iPad2... I get a signal in my office with Verizon. AT&T dies as soon as I go into my office.

    And the speeds are pretty decent on it in my area.


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  • Bennieboy�
    Apr 19, 06:28 AM
    yeah lol my ps3 has already completed 2 work unit's whilst my G5 is lagging at 38% on it's first :O lmao roll on teh pro :D

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  • Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams

  • VAmin
    Nov 22, 07:42 AM
    Wouldn't using the "extra" electricity to power fans to decrease heat lead to less "extra" electricity???? :rolleyes: I hope they really think this through - and I'm sure they will. Of course powering fans isn't the only use for electricity.

    Using the electricity to power fans would actually improve the efficiency if the thermoelectric device is placed between the processor and the fan. This would increase the thermal gradient and generate more power than if you were relying solely on heat dissipation to get your gradient.

    The only problem with this solution is that high efficiency thermoelectric materials, by design, have low thermal conductivities, so it would not be a good idea to place this between the chip and the heat sink.

    I am also skeptical about the claim of 30% efficiency. If we had thermoelectric materials that operated at that efficiency, we could all say goodbye to refrigerator compressors and turbine generators in favor of devices with no moving parts, higher reliability, and no CFCs.


    amy adams from fighter. Amy Adams Flashes the Bra and
  • Amy Adams Flashes the Bra and

  • parenthesis
    Oct 26, 07:49 PM
    ...but no associated storage increase.

    That's going to make a lot of people on this forum unhappy

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  • Cinch
    Nov 2, 12:29 PM
    I don't see Apple getting more than 10% marketshare anytime soon unless they do something significant.

    I don't know anybody who has switched. I've known a few people who seriously considered it, but when they learned they'd have to spend another $200 for Windows XP so they can run their 'XP Only' things, they settled on a PC.

    I think Apple is more concern with building beautiful computers and fabulously looking music player than they are about selling large amount of PCs or mp3 players. Case in point, my office mate has a dell laptop and when we place our laptops next to one another (mine is a black MacBook) you can definitely tell. Personally, the reason why I brought the MacBook instead of a HP laptop that cost $500 less is because the HP laptop is ugly. It is simple. I don't care about the amazing video card that has a trillion bytes of RAM that I will never see. My MacBook works well (iLife, Safari and Office suite) and looks gorgeous!

    If Apple continues to create stylist electronic devices that are simple to use and help people do things easily, they will gain marketshare albeit not by much.



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  • Eraserhead
    Mar 27, 12:02 PM
    Corporation tax only taxes companies profits...

    How about if you need more tax revenue, you jack up taxes on imported goods?

    Because then everyone else will do the same and your exports will suffer. Additionally its illegal under WTO rules.

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  • mingoglia
    Apr 5, 05:37 PM
    I wonder who the first manufacturer was to create a dock connector? I assume IBM? They should sue Apple and give them a piece of their own medicine. You know if the shoe was on the other foot. . .


    amy adams from fighter. Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams
  • Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams

  • LimeLite
    May 7, 11:46 PM
    What I am getting at by this post, is why are Mac people so biggoted against the PC. Another guy made a post somewhere else about how maybe one in fifteen PC users is anti Mac, but more like one in two Mac users is anti PC.

    1/15 PC Users X 95% Market Share = 6.3% of total market.

    1/2 Mac Users X 5% Market Share = 2.5% of total market.

    If your assumption of this is right, then...

    Conclusion: There are more bigotted PC Users than there are bigotted Mac Users. :D

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  • ~Shard~
    Oct 26, 12:56 PM
    No PowerPC version? Ouch. Lets hope that's not a growing trend for all you golden oldies out there :p

    Yeah, I knew this was inevitable. (I'm running a 1.25 GHz G4 iMac.) That being said, for the applications I use (and this won't be one of them), I honestly don't see myself being forced to buy an Intel machine for a loooong time. Just because Adobe has decided to rpoceed in this manner doesn't mean other companies will follow suit. And you can bet that Apple definitely won't, at least not for a few more years. Heck, Classic was supported until what, last year essentially? And the G3 machines up until Leopard? ;) :cool:


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  • ScottishDuck
    Mar 27, 06:29 AM
    Two CEOs discussing business in an open area is clearly not a publicity stunt :rolleyes:

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  • amy adams fighter.

  • CaptMurdock
    Apr 23, 11:43 AM
    ... free everything and someone to teach us how to wipe our butts. We have this weird vision for American where everything should be an incentive to be responsible.

    anything else promotes irresponsibility

    How about you help get the Morality Police off our backs first and then we'll talk about the "incentive to be responsible"? I have a job, I take care of my family, I pay my bills, I'm not slicing co-eds' throats in the middle of the night, I'm not selling guns to Middle Eastern nutballs -- so at what point does the Holier-Than-Me crowd take me off its speed-dial? They say it's all about Personal Responsibility and yet when I achieve my Decent Member Of Society Merit Badge, they're still telling me how to live, and more to the point, what my wife does with her body.


    amy adams from fighter. Exclusive photo of Amy Adams
  • Exclusive photo of Amy Adams

  • twoodcc
    May 5, 11:11 AM
    Welcome grapes911 to the team :D

    thanks for joining! welcome! :)

    amy adams from fighter. Amy Adams Celebrities arrive
  • Amy Adams Celebrities arrive

  • Macaholic G5
    May 26, 10:50 AM
    Excellent job my good man! Thanks for the Fidget (folding widget)! Now for all those Panther lackeys, you in fact CAN run widgets if you are at version 10.3.9. Check out Amnesty Widget Browser ( You don't get the cool dashboard effect, but you can play with widgets. Fold if ya got 'em!


    amy adams from fighter. Amy Adams - quot;The Fighterquot; Los
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  • vrDrew
    Mar 23, 06:01 PM
    I think it could be a real winner all round.

    More and more TVs are being sold as "Internet Ready." The problem is, on most of them the implementation and user experience is horrible. Half of them require a CAT5 wired connection to your network. And the other half need optional Wi-Fi adapter. Most consumers have neither the time, skill, nor patience to buy, install, and configure them.

    Then there is the issue of usability. It is awkward and time-consuming to try and navigate text boxes using most TV remotes.

    Apple licensing AirPlay as a means of letting TVs show YouTube content, plus stream photos, music, and video content on your home pc or iPad/iPhone would be a tremendous feature for TV makers to sell.

    The interesting question would be whether or not Apple licensed AirPlay to device makers of Android or Windows phones and tablets. This seems much less likely.

    amy adams from fighter. #2 - Amy Adams - The Fighter
  • #2 - Amy Adams - The Fighter

  • Beezy
    Feb 18, 10:56 AM
    He doesn't look that much thinner than Obama. Maybe he is going to die too OMGZ. Guy could get run over by an Android user tomorrow. Oh well everyone goes eventually.

    amy adams from fighter. amy adams the fighter
  • amy adams the fighter

  • liavman
    Mar 25, 09:00 PM
    Here is some interesting data...

    Kodak has 1.62B in cash and 1.24B in debt for a net spoils of 380 million

    Gross Profit per year is 1.95Billion with an EBITDA of 732 Million. The accounting reported earnings are negative, so it is all about some charges, not real money going forward.

    Kodak's current market cap is 914.20. It went up 20% after this news, so it is currently 1.1 Billion.

    If Apple is really interested in Kodak's intellectual property, it seems to be cheaper to buy the company out right than licensing the intellectual property.

    Apple should simply buy them out paying the shareholders 50% premium for around 1.7 Billion cash and be done with it. Keep the intellectual property portfolio, collect some yearly money from Samsung and others which Kodak has already won. May be even from RIM if the ruling will be in Kodak's favor. But that is not a gating factor for the decision. The major issue to resolve is what to do with their current 18000 employees!! That is like 1.5 B to 2 B a year in expense. May be Apple will have use for 1000 of those people at best. Apple will have to spin off any manufacturing and sales of what Kodak currently does today into a separate company while keeping the intellectual property.

    Having said all this, something does not look right. Why are the earnings negative for a company with a revenue of 7 Billion, Gross profit of 2 Billion and EBITDA of of 3/4th of a billion, and why is the market cap so low for such a company. I know its future is bleak which begs the question. Why is it still even in business. If its future strategy is going to be just a patent holding company and not any useful economic activity out of those 18000 people, Apple can do a much better job of being that patent holding company.

    Dec 16, 06:01 PM
    I think your missing the point.

    Some of us are bored of the X factor and Simon Cowell. This is some fun to put a bit of unpredictability in to something that was almost certainty.

    I haven't bought the single, though do like Rage Against the Machine but can understand why they want to do this.

    Explain how it's adding unpredictability if we're being told what song to buy, to get to No.1? By my definition that's the complete opposite of unpredictable.

    If it's "just some fun" then that's a different story...but it's not. It's about people getting all whinny because they think Simon Cowell is taking over the music industry, and leading us like sheep to make his song's No.1. If you don't like the damn XFactor songs then quite rightly don't buy them! Buy what you want to become No.1. But when when people deliberately try and manipulate the results, thinking it will "teach that man a lesson", it becomes less about the music and more about some stupid battle with Simon Cowell!

    The song I want to see at No.1 is the song that I like most at that particular time, not the song that I think will give the best metaphorical finger to Mr. Cowell.

    Nov 11, 02:25 AM
    Why did they replace Justin Long in these ads? ...I could have sworn he spoke Japanese. ;) :p

    Apr 19, 02:51 PM
    I don't think anyone doubts the machine can do the expose effect (the iPad 1 does it in Safari just fine).

    There are plenty of reasons it might have been turned down for their final switcher implementation. One, the final iOS allows a variable number of programs to remain open depending on their memory requirements. The expose implementation implies that 9 can be open. That's inconsistent UI. Two, as others have mentioned, you can't always tell the difference between apps at a glance from little screenshots. So they went with icons in the end.

    I have mutilfl0w, one of the problems is that it doesn't show some apps that are running in the background, such as Mail or FaceTime, that I can see in the regular multitasking pane. That may be because it never got a picture of the app as it was open. In fact, FaceTime is an app that keeps coming back no matter how many times I've killed it, even though I have it disabled on the Settings menu. I have no idea why Apple insists that FT keeps itself open.

    Rarely have I had problems with showing more than nine open apps; I'd run out of memory before I got to that stage.

    Apr 15, 03:08 PM
    I like the mop behind him. Is he the janitor of the data center?

    Quote of the week right here.

    Nov 21, 04:53 PM
    I find these comments about the website interesting...I guess we care more about a flashy site than a site that just provides the information on what they do in a simple effective way....

    I take it that they are spending their money on developing the chip and not on web design. :p

    In the business world, you need to be able to make a good impression. If you have a flashy website and nothing behind it, you're going nowhere. If you have good substance but poor presentation of it, you can still succeed, but it can be a lot harder than if you've got it presented well.

    Sitting down for an hour with GoLive would provide them with a much better front door to the world. Starting a tech company is hard, but it's easier if you excel in all areas of your business. And yes, publicity is one of those areas.


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